With so many new vaporizer products constantly arriving on the marketplace, there’s a glutton of would-be experts flooding YouTube with their two cents on every new device coming out. Many of these reviewers are certainly proficient with their equipment, but who do you really look to for true vaporizer guidance as well as friendly personality?

Today, we’re gonna take a look at a few of the best vape critics out there and how they’ve appealed to us for the new year.

The Vape Critic

As one of the most high-profile vape reviewers out there, “Bud” may come across as a bit pretentious at first in his videos, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. His reviews are detailed and clearly come from a place of knowledge and enthusiasm. Bud has a really well-laid out website, with very thorough review criteria that will be a great start for people just getting into the vaping world or those who have been kicking around for a while.

The Vape Critic also hosts and moderates the Vape Life Forum, which is quite active with lots of good user questions and quick responses from the Bud himself.

Bud takes review requests, so if there’s something you’re itching to see covered, you can drop him a line through email. Also keep a look out for occasional guest reviews from Bud’s girlfriend, which makes for a nice bit of variety and inclusion.

Vaporizer Wizard

Buzz Danklin is a service-disabled USMC veteran with a passion for the outdoors AND for vaporizing. As the Vaporizer Wizard, Buzz gives viewers honest and constructive reviews, as well as super-helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of your equipment. His calm and affable demeanor work well in contrast with the zaniness of many other reviewers out there.

Danklin’s summaries are concise yet thorough, highlighting crucial review criteria with clarity and affable aplomb. The Vaporizer Wizard also stresses the importance of researching and purchasing vaporizers through authorized retailers to ensure an authentic product experience.

As well, the outdoor settings of the Vaporizer Wizard’s videos are a welcome reprieve from the various living rooms and basements of other vaporizer reviewers.

Indoor Smokers

This YouTube channel is dedicated to e-cigarette reviews, featuring some of the latest and raddest equipment you can find on the market. Hosted by a super-personable and energetic dude named Chris, Indoor Smokers focuses on the excitement of quitting smoking and discovering the expansiveness of vaporizing.

Chris was a smoker for 20 years and was never able to quit until he found e-cigarettes, and now they’re his true passion. Chris is super boisterous and friendly, covering a wide range of materials and getting viewers really excited just as excited as he is. He speaks quickly and clearly and has tons of energy, but never loses the viewer and comes across as a sincere enthusiast. We love checking his channel for up-to-date news on some of the more wild vaporizing items, as we know Chris will get us just as jazzed.

Ruby Roo

Ruby’s channel focuses on various news and reviews for vaping, electronic cigarettes, e-juices, and generally anything to do with being a modern day vape aficionado. Each video touches on a wide variety of products and topics, creating a comprehensive yet friendly and accessible presence.

Ruby claims she isn’t an expert per se, but you wouldn’t know this from her informative and natural-feeling reviews. These videos cover a broader range of materials than just reviews, so the average run time is definitely longer than the usual video review (40 – 50 minutes, as opposed to 5-10 minutes for most other videos listed here). We’re also big fans of Ruby’s focus on advocacy and encouraging users to keep up with news and legislation for vaporizers and associated products.

TVape Review Blog

TVape is the top online retailer for vapes and accessories in Canada, but it is not just a sales hub. The reviews features here are very in-depth and pull no punches when recommending devices and accessories. Each review is well laid-out and most high-profile products are paired with a video to give a comprehensive overview of the products covered. TVape also makes the purchasing process really simple, with convenient links for best pricing and availability.

Final Thoughts

The vaporizer review market is getting increasingly cluttered, especially with regular-Joe video reviewers of every stripe. Many reviewers will be inclined to give positive reviews to products through manufacturer influence, so it’s always best to check a few different reviews of any given product. There are also some fun novelties out there like the Dabbin’ Granny which definitely deserve mention, even if the reviews themselves can be somewhat inessential. Whether you’re just getting started with vaporizing, or if you’re looking to take your experience to the next level, there’s a wide world of vivid personalities to help you along, and we hope you enjoyed our picks!

As always, thanks for reading! If you feel we’ve overlooked some major contenders in the vape critic world, let us know in the comments!

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Kevin is an everyman vaporizing aficionado who loves weird movies, noisy music, cuddling with cats, and turning people on to new and exciting developments in the vape world. He thrives on your rants and raves, so feel free to leave them both!

4 Responses

  1. Wes

    I have been using the portable vaporizer review site Vapor Smooth. They are pretty good at digging around and finding portable vaporizers that have not yet hit the market. I was going to get a certain vape but when I saw some that were soon to be available I decided to wait. They do not have very good videos though which is a current downfall.

    • Kevin H

      Hi Wes, thanks so much for your comment! We’ve checked out Vapor Smooth and really like their product coverage and general information; you’re right about their lack of quality video content, however, and this is why they did not make our list. It’s still a good source of vape knowledge though, so thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Jack

    Review from Ruby Roo is quite long for me. 40 minute is not easy XD
    But still thanks for sharing this.

    • Kevin H

      It’s true, 40 minutes is quite the length for a vape vid! Nonetheless, we appreciate how thorough Ms. Roo is, and the comprehensiveness of her commentary along with the breadth of her subject matter cannot be ignored.


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