As vaping becomes increasingly normalized in daily society, it should be no surprise we’re seeing vaporizers popping up more and more in mass media and the hands of the media creators. Vaping has even made it’s way to prime time, with Laurence Fishburne checking out an Arizer Solo on an episode of NBC’s Hannibal (see below):

Let’s take a look at some of the more notable vapers we’ve caught in the wild and see who else is living that celebrity vape life:

Sarah Silverman (actress, comedian): The comedian garnered a lot of press in 2014 for carrying and discussing her vape pen on the red carpet of the Emmy Awards. While Silverman stated she hadn’t used it before she accepted her award, nonetheless, searching online for “Sarah Silverman Emmy” brings up more press about her vaping proclivity than actual results about her Emmy win; which award did she win, anyway? Oh who cares, she deserved it.

Illana Glazer (actress, comedian): Perhaps the most vocal proponents of herbal vaporizing on television, Glazer and her comedic partner Abbi Jacobson have made generous use of the Pax during their misadventures on the Comedy Central show Broad City. Ploom even made custom Pax models with the title of the show etched on the front to celebrate the show’s second season in 2015. In regards to the increasing normalization of vaporizing, Glazer has stated: “I vape with my parents in the house… It’s just like a glass of wine.  [It’s] crazy to me, but so cool.”

Abel Tesfaye (musician): With titles such as “High For This” and “Can’t Feel My Face”, it is no surprise Tesfaye, man behind the modern R&B project The Weeknd, would be into herbal vaporizing. Tesfaye had his own slick black-and-gold variation on the popular Pax model for sale during The Weeknd’s 2015 fall tour; this particular version, called “The Madness Tour Limited Edition Pax 2” plays The Weeknd’s hit “The Hills” when powering on the device. “Self-expression is a big part of our cultural DNA. Art, music and fashion are all intrinsically tied to personal identity and influence the choices we make as a brand,” Pax Labs Inc.’s chief marketing officer Richard Mumby told The Cannabist via email in response to queries about how Ploom has positioned its marketing with The Weeknd and other entertainers like the Broad City gals.


Carrie Fisher (actress, writer): Fisher, who passed earlier this year, made no secret of battling her various addictions over the years. The Star Wars actress and writer of Postcards from the Edge appeared on the Today Show in 2011 vaping to her heart’s content. Fisher had also stated how vaporizing had drastically reduced her tobacco intake.

Leonardo DiCaprio (actor, activist): The Academy Award-winning superstar Leo DiCaprio has been one of the most high-profile vape enthusiasts of late; the shot of DiCaprio vaping during the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards last year was enough to pretty much single-handedly get vaping banned from the 2016 Academy Awards. DiCaprio’s Inception and The Revenant co-star Tom Hardy was also spotted puffing on an e-cigarette during the filming of 2015’s Legend.

Charlie Sheen (actor): One of the more dubious names on this list, Sheen was an avid smoker for years. Keeping consistent with selling out every fibre of his being, the actor eventually embraced e-cigarettes and licensed the regrettably-named “NicoSheen”, billed as “The Winning E-cigarette”. Like most of Sheen’s ventures of late, it was an embarrassing failure, but one very much of its time. The NicoSheen’s domain name is now out of service and there’s nary a device to be found on the marketplace. #winning

Samuel L. Jackson (actor): The Academy Award-nominated actor and meme fixture has embraced the lightsabre fixation of his Star Wars role by brandishing another futuristic handle. Jackson can be seen frequently in public with a variety of e-cigs, ranging from slim brands when courtside and lightsabre-style chuggers just for showing off.

Snoop Dogg (rapper, actor): Do we need to even introduce the Doggfather, golden voice of G-funk?? By now, Mr. Dogg has his own insanely popular line of G-Pens from Grenco Science called the “Double G” series. In the meantime, Snoop continues to sell out concerts world wide and encourages fans to light up and vape up at every opportunity. Snoop himself will even show you how to get the best results from the G-Pen in the informative video below:

Willie Nelson (musician): An outspoken advocate of cannabis use and legalization, Nelson has mentioned owning several different vaporizers for various uses. When asked by CNN anchor Larry King about his habits (“How much? And how often?), the country musician stated: “I’ve changed my habits a little bit. I’ve smoked so much and I got congestion from it, wheezing in the night and coughing. So I switched over to a vaporizer. You don’t get any smoke, and you don’t get any heat, and for a singer, someone’s lungs, it’s much, much healthier.”

Eddie Van Halen (musician): As a survivor of multiple cases of lung cancer, the Van Halen shredder has been spotted numerous times in public sporting an e-cigarette and saying “They’re great!” Such enthusiasm for vaping even after so much physical adversity is truly heartening; here’s hoping the vape cloud is the only “Eruption” Eddie is rocking these days.

Jason Mewes (actor): As one half of filmmaker Kevin Smith’s recurring stoner duo Jay and Silent Bob, Mewes gained a cult following based solely on how much the Jay character reflects Mewes’ own proclivity for the herbs. Unfortunately, over time Mewes got too involved with too much smoke and had to dial it back by switching to vaping. By now, Mewes has been licensing his own e-juice called Mewes Juice (each bottle does come with a mod band, so you know they take this seriously), which has tastefully named flavors like “Sugar Tits” and “Doobie Snacks”.


Matt Pike (musician): As guitarist for the legendary stoner metal bands Sleep and High on Fire, Pike made a name for himself as a non-stop riff machine with lungs made out of smoke. However, following a stint in a California rehabilitation centre for alcohol abuse after years of lengthy tours, Pike retired his addictions, including (mostly) giving up the puff. Now, he freely blows on an e-cig in between thrashing sludge riffs and ripping solos, without losing any of the badassery that made him such a cult figure in heavy music.

Christoph Hahn (musician): One of the more obscure names here, Hahn has cut his teeth as a versatile guitarist in the epic post-punk group Swans and other associated projects, as well as his own solo recordings. During Swans’ world tours since 2014, Hahn can be seen chugging contently on an e-cig in his rare moments of respite while the band works up a furious crescendo.

The KandyPens Crew: KandyPens are officially endorsed by a number of high-profile personalities in hip hop and pop music, including A$AP Rocky, DJ Esco, and Sonnydigital, as well as being rocked in even more music videos (including monster clips from 21 Savage & Metro Boomin, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, and Jadakiss). If you’ve seen a vape show up in a glossy music video lately, chances are it’s a KandyPens, and chances are you want one now.

Other famous vapers include Michelle Rodriguez (pictured top centre), Robert Pattinson, Whoopi Goldberg, Evan Rachel Wood, John Cusack, Johnny Depp, Katherine Heigl, Katy Perry, Norman Reedus, and likely many others. second-shot2

It’s refreshing to see such a large variety of personalities adopting vaporizing; by and large, it appears vaping has helped a number of public personalities quit smoking. Understandably, many of these people are not necessarily inclined to put themselves on the record of supporting activities where the health effects are still being studied. Nonetheless, we applaud those who vape freely and help to clear the path for new anti-smoking initiatives.

What else is in store for vaping in 2017? Personally, this writer is hoping for some more vaping hijinks on television in the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm; just imagine Larry David chugging on a huge vape (or even better, having one blow up in his pants). Or perhaps vaping makes it way to Twin Peaks? If Audrey Horne did indeed survive the bank vault bombing, she would no doubt still be smoldering with an e-cigarette. All fantasy scenarios aside, we’re more excited than anything else just to see who else will be vaping this year, what they’re vaping, and what we can learn from them. Any other high-profile vapers out there we missed? Any media-related vaping schtick you want to see this year? By gosh, let us know in the comments!!

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