Keeping a vaporizer clean and sanitary is crucial for best use and longevity. Resin buildup gets extremely sticky to deal with, and will make your vaporizer parts start to look dirty and feel ragged. Regular cleanings with the right materials will keep your vape equipment humming along, so here’s how to keep your vapes clean:

Cleaning Solutions

99% Isopropyl Alcohol:

This is among the most commonly-available cleaning solutions, as most major retailers will carry at least 70% isopropyl alcohol and it is most affordable.

Perhaps the only caveat with using high percentage alcohol solutions is the risk of dissolving lower-quality plastic materials; as well, 99% isopropyl alcohol will act as a skin irritant, so be careful of getting it on your hands. Also keep in mind alcohol cannot be ordered online due to its high flammability, so make sure to stock up or Amazon Prime won’t be able to help you.

Acetone-Based Solutions:

These types of solutions are commonly used for cleaning glassware, and are very strong and work very fast. However, due to their significant strength, they will greatly irritate skin if it makes contact; as well, you’ll have to make sure every trace of this solution is gone from the equipment before you use it again. Otherwise, it will damage the vaporizer and is a risk for the user.

Alkaline-Based Solutions:

These cleaners are generally used to dissolve fats, oils, and other protein-based materials. This is not as harsh on skin, and watering down the solution actually activates ingredients to clean better. The solution can also be reused after cleaning, which is cost-efficient and relatively eco-friendly.

Be careful when using alkaline-based cleaners on colored metals, as some of the color will get stripped away.

The Zeus Purify multipurpose vaporizer cleaning solution harnesses the same cleaning power as isopropyl alcohol, but is able to do so without any of the harshness.

It does not contain any alcohol, nor is it poisonous in general and also does not emit any dangerous fumes. This particular solution is also safe to use on plastic parts as well, something we can’t honestly say about most other cleaners. This solution is only available as part of the Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit, which also includes the bristle cleaners and grime wipes discussed later in this post.

The Process


It is highly recommended to give your vape pieces an overnight soaking in a glass jar or plastic zipper bag with your solution of choice.

While a noticeable amount of resin will be instantly lifted, the best results are from an overnight soak where cleaning can happen at the molecular level. Try giving the package a bit of a shake every so often as well, as this will help to further break up resin. Brass screens can be removed after an hour or so, but it’s best to leave larger glass parts to soak overnight.

Working with acetone-based solutions will generally require the least amount of soaking, but the feeling acetone leaves on your hands is really strong and is more likely to cause skin irritation. For a readily-available cleaner which will feel safer on your hands, 99% isopropyl alcohol is a better bet.


After your solution soak, be sure to thoroughly rinse each part with warm water. This will ensure each element has been cleared of any lingering spots of the cleaning; this also helps to wash away any resin still remaining from the initial clean.

Useful Tools

Pipe Cleaners:

Zeus Pipe Cleaners

These are great to use for cleaning the finer nooks and crannies of certain devices (like the aroma tubes of both the Arizer Solo and Air). However, unless you need several years worth of pipe cleaners, don’t worry about ordering a box of ’em. Better to just check out the Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit, which comes with a more appropriate number of specially-designed bristle cleaners, as well as some other crucial Zeus cleaning products explored below.

Zeus Grime Sticks:

Zeus Grime Sticks

These cotton swabs are like clever Q-Tips, as they have an internal cleaning solution reservoir. This means the alcohol-based cleaning solution flows to the end of the item upon activation, giving continuous cleaning power from a single swab. These make for a fantastic tool in cleaning heating chambers and other hard-to-access spaces.

Zeus Grime Wipes:

Zeus Grime Wipes

These wipes are pre-soaked in 70% ethanol and are terrific for a quick wipe down and basic maintenance. You will especially want to use the Zeus Grime Wipes if your vaporizer features glass pieces (like the Firefly 2 vapor path), as they will leave a distinct sparkle and shine you can’t get from other surface cleaners.

Paper Towels/Disposable Rags:

Using clean paper towels or semi-disposable rags is optimum for post-soaking wipe-downs, so always make sure to have a fresh roll or a clean cloth on hand before you get going with your maintenance.

Wood & Other Sensitive Surfaces

There are a few vape models available which feature wood components, like the Magic Flight Launch Box and the Swiss-made Vapman. Definitely do not soak these wood parts in water or any cleaning solution, as this will ruin dried and treated wood. When these surfaces get dirty, use either an old toothbrush or a lightly dampened cloth. Wipe away what you can and thoroughly dry the pieces after cleaning, and as long as there hasn’t been too much moisture exposed to the wood, this will work best for these types of vaporizers.

Pen-Style Vapes

Each function uses a different design, which means different cleaning methods will need to be utilized. This can end up being a whole blog post unto itself, so until we reach that point, check out this Smokazon post specifically focusing on the intricacies of pen-style vaporizers. This will give you a detailed breakdown of vape pen parts and how to best care for each of them.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your devices is not just prudent for product performance and maintenance, but it will save you money in the long run. Your device will perform better for longer, and you won’t have to worry about replacing parts with any regularity.

Even regularly cleaning screens will help to save you time and money, so why not put some love into the devices giving you so much enjoyment? It’s only fair! While there are a number of accessible and affordable cleaners available, the Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit combines the safest cleaner with the most versatile tools. Seeing as most professional cleaning solutions can cost upward of $20, this makes the $19.99 price tag for the complete a kit a total bargain.

Once again, thanks so much for reading about how to clean a vaporizer! If you have any other tips and tricks we have may have missed, leave us a shout in the comments below!

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