Everybody has their own preferred way to enjoy herbal medicines. Some like to roll it up and smoke it, other people prefer vaporizers. But almost everyone seems to enjoy the occasional edible. The problem is getting your hands on some, because doing it yourself is too hard.

Not so fast.

If your lack of culinary expertise has held you back from enjoying edibles, you need to check out the Magical Butter Machine…

Product Pros

  1. Makes making edibles and extractions extremely easy
  2. Easily cleaned

Product Cons

  1. $$$

What It Does

The basic idea is that this is an all-in-one system for making any type of herbal extract, including butters, oils, and tinctures. The obvious uses are creating an herbal butter or oil for cooking and baking, or making a tincture to make candy. But it can also be used to make things like soups and skin lotions. Their website even suggests it can be used to create pet medicine!

The magic in Magical Butter comes from the ease. It does all of the above with barely any input at all. You basically just gather ingredients, put it inside, and push a button.

How it Works

You’re probably thinking, that’s not possible. Herbal extracts are notoriously difficult to pull off. There are so many variables.

That’s what we thought too.

But after experiencing this machine, I can safely say that anyone could use it and get amazing results. The best analogy I can think of is that this is the Instant Pot of herbal extracts.

As far as the specifics of how this works, there honestly isn’t much to it.

You start with a recipe. For something like butter or oil, that ingredients are literally just your herb and the butter. Then you put it in the pot without doing any grinding or melting, put the lid on, press a few buttons, and wait.

Butter takes about 2 hours. When it’s done, you simply pour it through a provided strainer and into a bowl. And you’re done.

You didn’t read any of that wrong. It takes two hours, you don’t do any prep work to your materials, and everything but the bowl and the ingredients is included with the package. It does all the grinding and melting for you.

There are more complicated recipes, but they’re still much easier than they would be without this machine.


Cleaning Up

I decided to create a whole section dedicated to cleaning up. Not because it’s complicated. Because it’s so easy.

If you’ve ever tried to make herbal butter or oil before, then you are probably familiar with the incredible mess it can create. It somehow ends up on everything within a 6 foot radius.

Among the many benefits that the Magical Butter Machine offers, this is definitely up there among the best. Cleaning up is so simple. Because the base unit does so much of the work, the amount of things you have to clean is greatly decreased. The actual machine can be easily rinsed off in the sink, and everything else can be thrown in the dishwasher.

What You Get

Speaking of everything else, here is everything that you get with the kit:

  • The actual machine (comprised of a top and bottom)
  • An owner’s manual
  • A recipe book full of all the basics you’ll want to try at first and then some
  • A ‘love’ glove
  • A strainer
  • A power cord

The only things you don’t get are pretty much guaranteed to be sitting in your kitchen already. For a recipe like herbal butter, you’d only need a spatula to scrape it and a container to keep it in.

What About the Smell?

If you check out other reviews of the Magical Butter Machine, you’re almost certain to find some claiming that there is no smell at all. Before you get your hopes up, you should know that there is definitely a smell that will correspond with whatever herbs you are using.

But it is way less than there would be during a normal herbal extraction.

If you put it in a closed room, it probably wouldn’t be noticeable outside the room. This isn’t a situation where you have to worry about neighbors getting wafts of what you are cooking.

At the very least, the scent is light enough that you could cover it up by cooking something else. Saute some garlic and no one would ever question anything.


If you like herbal extracts and edibles but don’t like the difficulty of making them, you should definitely consider buying the Magical Butter Machine. The amount of time and energy that it will save you is almost unbelievable.

The only con that we could come up with is the price. They retail for around $175, which is more than many normal kitchen appliances cost.

What it really comes down to is how much you would use it. If this is something you can see yourself using at least every month or two, then I definitely recommend picking one up.

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