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KandyPens MiNi Review – Unwrapped Kandy

Welcome to our review of the KandyPens MiNi! This is a short but relatively fat pen-style vaporizer for concentrates, and it has a reputation for delivering very good flavor thanks to an all ceramic vapor...

Source Orb XL Wax Pen Review – XL Hits

Welcome to our review of the SOURCE Orb XL by SOURCEvapes! As the name suggests, this is the vape pen for people who want to go big. It may look similar to their standard SOURCE Orb 3 and Orb 4 options, but...

Source Nail E-Rig – Hitting the Nail!

Welcome to our review of the SOURCE Nail by SOURCEvapes If you read our Dr. Dabber Boost review you will have a pretty good idea of what an e-rig is. The SOURCE Nail is an interesting device because it can...

Source Orb 4 Premium Kit – Reaching ORBit

Welcome to our review of the SOURCE Orb 4 Premium Kit by SOURCEvapes! Building off the success of the Source Orb 3, this is a pen-style concentrate vaporizer that offers some of the best atomizer variety...

Vape Buyers Guide

If the prospect of getting your first vape seems completely overwhelming, we’re not surprised at all. The range of options is simply staggering. Trying to get opinions from friends about how to start...

Wax Pen Buyers Guide

The availability of waxes and concentrates seems to be growing by the day, and as this happens people’s exposure to them is growing as well. More and more people want to make the switch from dried herbs to...