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Best Vape Critics 2017

With so many new vaporizer products constantly arriving on the marketplace, there's a glutton of would-be experts flooding YouTube with their two cents on every new device coming out. Many of these reviewers...

How to Keep Your Vapes Clean

Keeping a vaporizer clean and sanitary is crucial for best use and longevity. Resin buildup gets extremely sticky to deal with, and will make your vaporizer parts start to look dirty and feel ragged. Regular...

How to Spot a Fake Mighty

Storz & Bickel has been producing high-quality, high-cost vaporizers for year now, culminating in an increasing number of fake versions of their signature model, the Mighty. Now, there's nothing wrong with...

Safe Vape Pen Usage

There has been an increasing number of reports in recent years regarding vaporizing devices having total battery failures and combusting upon use. This is a terrifying prospect in general, but it is especially...

Tips & Tricks For the Firefly 2

While the Firefly 2 has been one of the highest-rated portable vaporizers on the market right now, there is a significant learning curve which can be alienating for newer users. Users more used to session-type...

Alpaca Grinder Review

Most herb grinders tend to be of a fairly traditional design, but the US-based manufacturer Alpaca is looking to shake things up a bit, so to speak. The Alpaca Grinder uses a distinct quick-dispense screw in...

CVault Storage Review

Billed as “The world's smartest curing and storage container,” CVault Storage sounds like it could be the one-stop shop for herb storage. The aim of the CVault is to retain humidity and moisture for the...
Zeus Armor Vaporizer Case

Zeus Armor Hard Case Review

Welcome to the Vapesterdam review of the Zeus Armor Hard Case! This item is for the vape enthusiast looking to keep their portable devices and accessories all in one convenient traveler. Sturdy as many...

Vape Buyers Guide

If the prospect of getting your first vape seems completely overwhelming, we’re not surprised at all. The range of options is simply staggering. Trying to get opinions from friends about how to start...

Wax Pen Buyers Guide

The availability of waxes and concentrates seems to be growing by the day, and as this happens people’s exposure to them is growing as well. More and more people want to make the switch from dried herbs to...