Bongs and Pipes are some of the most recognizable and iconic items around. Because bongs have been around as long as they have, they've been able to grow and evolve beyond their original form. The improvements in bongs and pipes is partly due to the the extensive and numerous advancements within the fields surrounding the glass blowing community. Concentrate bubblers, a variant of your typical bong, are just one example of that advancement. Want to find out more? Click one of the links below to read up each section and see for yourself!

Blue Twisted Glass Spoon Review

Blue Twisted Glass Spoon Review

Welcome to the Blue Twisted Glass Spoon Review! When it comes to glass pipes, often the design is king. It's all about looking cool in some way be it with pretty colors or a look that screams "You have to at...
Black Rasta Glass Spoon Review

Black Rasta Glass Spoon Review

Welcome to the Black Rasta Glass Spoon Review! Spoons are a great way to have a simple smoke when you don't have the time or energy to roll and where these little guys miss out in terms of smoke quality they...
Albino Rasta Glass Spoon Review

Albino Rasta Glass Spoon Review

Welcome to the Albino Rasta Glass Spoon review! This little spoon is a simple pipe design meant for those who like to keep their experience simple and clean on just about every level. Either way, these pipes...
5-1-4 inch Retro Glass Platinum Tube

5 1/4″ Retro Glass Platinum Tube Review

Welcome, fellow smokers or would-be smokers, to the 5 1/4" Retro Glass Platinum Tube review! Today we get to look at a colorful little tube that's shaped like a mushroom. It's size makes it a good candidate...
Gear Color Changing 12" Bubble Tube with a beaker base

Gear Color Changing 12″ Bubble Tube Review

Welcome to the Gear Color Changing 12" Bubble Tube review! Today's piece of glass comes to us from Gear and has a pretty simple design with a beaker base that leads up to a straight tube with an ice pinch! I...