Bongs and Pipes are some of the most recognizable and iconic items around. Because bongs have been around as long as they have, they've been able to grow and evolve beyond their original form. The improvements in bongs and pipes is partly due to the the extensive and numerous advancements within the fields surrounding the glass blowing community. Concentrate bubblers, a variant of your typical bong, are just one example of that advancement. Want to find out more? Click one of the links below to read up each section and see for yourself!

Roor Bong Custom Icemaster - Ziggy

Roor Icemaster – Ziggy Review

Welcome to the Roor Icemaster - Ziggy review! This bong is a behemoth of a bong boasting flare out the wazoo with crazy rasta-like colors a long ice pinch. This Roor-made bong sports a price that left us...
Stax Turbine base with barrel percolator by Grav Labs

Stax Turbine Base Review

Welcome to the Stax Turbine Base review! This review is kind of special because this particular accessory isn't for an accessory that can be widely used with every bong. This particular piece of glass is...
Gear Rasta 16" 2-arm Tree perc and cloud perc tube

Gear Rasta 2-Arm Tree Perc Bong Review

Welcome to the Gear Rasta 2-Arm Tree perc bong review! This review looks at a 16" glass bong from Gear that has a whole host of wonderful features to make for a great smoking experience. Let's take a look at...
Hoss Glass Y307 - 12" 7mm Mini Perc

Hoss Glass Y307 Bong Review

Welcome to the Hoss Glass Y307 bong review! This bong comes to us from Hoss Glass and is a 12" tall glass bong with a small dewar percolator sitting in a chamber above the main chamber below. The 14mm...
Magnum Critter Slider

Magnum Critter Slider Review

Welcome to the Magnum Critter Slider review! This glass pipe is a bit of an anomaly as it isn't shaped like your standard pipe. This pipe can be loaded with your herb, smoked, and ashed as you burn your...
Poke n Smoke

Poke n Smoke Review

Welcome to the Poke n Smoke review! This accessory boasts the ability to turn any plastic bottle into a bong! Sure, it's fun to try and Macgyver a bong from essentially scraps and maybe a piece of fruit, but...