The world of pipes has made some impressive strides over the last decade or so thanks to the advancements in glass blowing. Just as bongs have benefited from the accelerated creativity and skill of the glass blowers, so have pipes. Luckily, much of what you probably already understand about the world of pipes hasn’t changed much, but there are some notable additions to the pipe lineup that should be acknowledged along with the old veterans. Go ahead and check out our reviews to see what the pipe world has to offer!

Slayer brass Pipe

Slayer Brass Pipe Review

Welcome to our Slayer Brass pipe review! This pipe is a classic metal pipe that you could easily find at a corner store or head shop. If you don't happen to have the time or patience to roll, but still want...
Slayer Nickel, metal pipe. Good for smoking dry herb.

Slayer Nickel Pipe Review

Welcome to the Slayer Nickel pipe review!  This piece is a standard issue pipe much like you'd find at your local head shop or corner store. These pipes are often great for those who are on a tight budget...
Curly Nickel pipe. Good for smoking dry herb

Curly Nickel Pipe Review

Welcome to our Curly Nickel pipe review! Today we're looking at a mostly wood pipe about the same size as a metal pipe you'd find at your local head shop. It features a wooden bowl and tube and a metal joint...