The world of pipes has made some impressive strides over the last decade or so thanks to the advancements in glass blowing. Just as bongs have benefited from the accelerated creativity and skill of the glass blowers, so have pipes. Luckily, much of what you probably already understand about the world of pipes hasn’t changed much, but there are some notable additions to the pipe lineup that should be acknowledged along with the old veterans. Go ahead and check out our reviews to see what the pipe world has to offer!


Marley Naturals Small Taster Review

Today we’re going to take a look at an introductory piece to the mixed media line by Marley Natural. There are many Marley children and quite a few of them produce Marley branded products. The quality level...
Marley Naturals Spoon Pipe Review

Marley Naturals Spoon Pipe Review

Today we’re taking a look at an interesting pipe from a well known name. The Spoon Pipe, by Marley Natural is the entry level piece to an exciting new design concept from the brand. It’s a mixed-material...