When it comes to smoking, it's almost certain that if you're a part of it, you'll need one of these 2 things: A place to put your botanical, and a device to grind it up. Some need storage that will help make their botanical as dry as it can be, some need storage that will hide it from the unsuspecting eye. Some need a grinder that makes sure their botanical dust doesn’t go to waste; some need a grinder that will be sure to last them the rest of their smoking days. Whatever your needs, vapesterdam.com has you covered with choice grinder and storage pics to help round out your collection of paraphernalia.


Alpaca Grinder Review

Most herb grinders tend to be of a fairly traditional design, but the US-based manufacturer Alpaca is looking to shake things up a bit, so to speak. The Alpaca Grinder uses a distinct quick-dispense screw in...

CVault Storage Review

Billed as “The world's smartest curing and storage container,” CVault Storage sounds like it could be the one-stop shop for herb storage. The aim of the CVault is to retain humidity and moisture for the...
Zeus Armor Vaporizer Case

Zeus Armor Hard Case Review

Welcome to the Vapesterdam review of the Zeus Armor Hard Case! This item is for the vape enthusiast looking to keep their portable devices and accessories all in one convenient traveler. Sturdy as many...
ZEUS Temple De-Humidor Review

ZEUS Temple De-Humidor Review

Welcome to the ZEUS Temple De-Humidor Review! Today we'll be looking at a piece of storage from ZEUS Arsenal, the makers of the Bolt grinder, Thunder pen vaporizer, and Smite portable vaporizer among other...
ZEUS Vortex Grinder Review

ZEUS Vortex Grinder Review

Welcome to the ZEUS Vortex Grinder Review, fellow enthusiasts! Today we'll be looking at another 4 piece grinder from ZEUS Arsenal, much like the ZEUS Bolt grinder we've also reviewed. The difference between...
ZEUS Bolt Grinder Review

ZEUS Bolt Grinder Review

Welcome to the ZEUS Bolt Grinder Review, fellow enthusiasts! Today we'll be looking at a 4 piece grinder from ZEUS Arsenal, the makers of a whole host of vaporizers and other accessories to suit your needs....
Silicone Wax Jar Review

Silicone Wax Jar Review

Welcome to the Silicone Wax Jar Review! With how popular waxes and other extracts have become, there have been an influx of storage jars specifically for extracts, which are a very different consistency and...