Rolling papers, along with pipes and bongs, complete the holy trinity of smoking culture – the paragon of the smoking experience. Slowly that triad is opening up to welcome newcomers like vaporizers into the fold, but for now these three are the most recognizable and accepted.

One of the reasons rolling papers have survived as long as it has is tradition. The tradition of picking up a pack of rolling papers and learning to roll before passing that knowledge on to the newbies once you’re skilled and experienced is part of the magic of rolling papers. As a result, the practice of rolling your own cigarettes has survived these many generations and has expanded beyond the standard wood pulp papers. The only question remaining is: what kind of rolling papers do you want to roll with?

Raw Rolling Tray

Raw Rolling Tray Review

Welcome to the Raw Rolling Tray review! In this accessory review, we'll be taking a look at a basic metal rolling tray from Raw, makers of the much loves Raw rolling papers. Let's take a look at the specs of...