Portable vaporizers consist of any vaporizer that can be used without being plugged into the wall. These handheld units boast advantages and disadvantages to be considered against your needs. Units in this category often benefit from an inherent discreteness. For a unit to be among the best portable vaporizers, it has to be small enough to carry around. As a result, these portable vaporizers are often easier to slip into your pocket or backpack and travel with. This means you’ll be able to have a quick session somewhere and easily pack up and move if you feel the need to make a move to a new location. Unfortunately, because portable vaporizers run off battery power, their output is lower than their stationary counterparts. This means that more often than not, units that specialize in dry botanical can’t vaporize concentrates well, if at all. This is because concentrates vaporize at a higher temperature than the compounds found in dry botanical. If you would like to buy any of the units below, check this portable vaporizer store out and support my reviewing efforts in the process. They only carry the best portable vaporizers however, which is a good thing. :)

Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel
92 Score


This device is manufactured in Germany by Storz & Bickel the creators of the Volcano Vaporizer. With quality construction and internal convection heating, the Crafty defied what the industry perceived as rules to follow in developing an exceptional unit. This device is all function and primarily geared towards users that care about getting the best possible vapor quality. The vapor production that the Crafty can generate is just unmatched among portable vaporizers.
91 Score

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is the first vaporizer to offer on-demand convection heating. It heats up in little as 5 seconds to provide smooth and extremely flavorful vapor. It features an all-glass vapor path for a pure vapor experience and hassle-free maintenance. Battery life is a bit lacking but can easily be improved by purchasing additional batteries.
90 Score

Utillian 720

The Utillian 720 is one of the most affordable convection vaporizers on the market. Shaped similar to the Crafty this unit packs a punch at almost half the price. It is a great alternative to the high priced heavy hitters on the market and provides outstanding vapor quality.
Mighty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel
89 Score


Big brother to the Crafty vaporizer and created b y the makers of the famous Volcano Vaporizer, the Mighty offers unrivalled vapor quality providing some of the smoothest and bountiful vapor on the market. With double the life of its little brother this unit is geared towards power over portability.
ZEUS Smite Plus Vaporizer
87 Score

Smite Plus

Successor to the Smite vaporizer, the Smite Plus looks to improve on an already winning design by including precise temperature control and battery indicator. Great Zeus quality in a nifty little portable.
Prima Vaporizer by Vapir
87 Score


The Prima by Vapir is a hybrid conduction/convection unit that provides excellent vapor quality. It features a removable air pathway for easy cleaning and a
Pax 2 Vaporizer
86 Score

Pax 2

The Pax 2 is one of the most popular units on the market with it's slim and sexy design, bottom loading chamber and great vapor quality. While at its core Pax 2 is a great unit it comes at a premium which some may hard find to swallow. But if you are looking for a super slim unit that gets the job done well, its hard to look passed the Pax 2
84 Score

Arizer Air

The uber popular Arizer Air has some of the most flavorful vapor on the market achieved by their all glass vapor pathway. The unit features a removeable battery and 5 pre-set temperatures to provide great vapor on-the-go.
Ascent Vaporizer with glass draw stem extended
83 Score


The Ascent is the 2nd portable unit released by vaporizer pioneers Da Vinci. This stylish unit offers precise temperature control, an all glass vapor path and large ceramic heating chamber to provide users with flavorful vapor. It also allows users to set vapor cycles for a more customized session.
V2 Pro Series 7
83 Score

V2 Series 7

The V2 Series 7 is a 3 in 1 unit that allows you to easily swap tanks using magnets. The unit also features a magnetic charging cable for effortless charging.
82 Score

Haze V3

The Haze vaporizer is the worlds first dual chamber unit allowing you to pack two separate chambers for use making it a great unit for on-the-go users. The unit can also handle liquids and concentrates making it an extremely versatile unit.
78 Score

Zeus Smite

Crafted by the Gods, the Zeus Smite was the first Zeus unit and gained popularity in the vaporizer industry with its simplistic design, great vapor quality and reliability. It's a perfect portable for stealthy sessions while providing potent vapor for even the most seasoned user.
Utillian 650 Vaporizer
76 Score

Utillian 651

The Utillian 651 is a flask shaped vaporizer that features 3 pre-set temperature settings and a bottom load ceramic heating chamber. This unit is great for parties or stealthy vape sessions providing users with satisfying vapor.
G Pen Elite Vaporizer by G Pen
75 Score

G-Pen Elite

The follow up unit to Grenco Sciences G-Pro, the G-Pen Elite is a huge improvement over the former. It features precise temperature control, LED display and a large ceramic oven to provide get vapor quality in a portable package.
Arizer Solo vaporizer. Good to use with dry herb and concentrates.
72 Score

Arizer Solo

The trusty Arizer Solo has been a staple in the vaporizer industry for years now. This device is known for its rugged and reliable nature, many users are still using their original unit. The all glass vapor pathway and 7 pre-set temperature settings provides satisfying excellent vapor from first to last draw.
71 Score

Boundless CFX

The Boundless CFX gained popularity through social media sites like Reddit and Fuck Combustion. This unit is a convection/conduction hybrid that features a large digital display and a huge heating chamber. The device is a little large to be considered a true portable but does provide good vapor quality.
DaVinci Vaporizer
70 Score

Da Vinci

The DaVinci Vaporizer was one of the pioneer portable units and is still a popular unit today. This unit is known for its rugged design and ability to take some abuse while providing users with excellent vapor quality. It is still one of the most reliable units available.
70 Score

FocusVape Vaporizer

The FocusVape Vaporizer features a pyrex glass mouthpiece, a large ceramic heating chamber and 6 pre-set temperature settings to provide smooth and satisfying vapor in a large pen-style design.
69 Score


The first PAX set the vaporizer industry on fire. The unique slim design, magnetic bottom load chamber, and great vapor quality made this unit a hit with connoisseurs. But it was not without its issues like a short battery life, hot vapor, and an unreliable chamber cover.
WISPR 2 vaporizer. Good to use with dry herb.
68 Score

Wispr 2

The Wispr 2 is a butane powered unit from Irish manufacturer Oglesby and Butler, who are also known for the Iolite. This unit is great for those who don't want to concern themselves with keeping batteries charged and instead top this unit up with butane.
Vapman vaporizer. Good to use with dry botanical.
68 Score


The Swiss made Vapman is a torch powered vaporizer that features a gold plated heating chamber and wood exterior. This vaporizer may be small but it can be super powerful providing satisfying draws.
Firefly Vaporizer Review
66 Score


The original Firefly commanded a high price tag and lacked certain key features like temperature control and suffered from poor battery life making the unit a bit overpriced in our books.
PUFFiT X Vaporizer side view
65 Score

Puffit X

The Puffit X is designed to look like a puffer for maximum discretion and features a fan for forced air vapor production for those who need assistance inhaling their vapor.
Puffit 2 Vaporizer Review
64 Score

Puffit 2

The Puffit 2 is designed for maximum discretion and looks like a puffer. It features 4 pre-set temperature settings for added versality and is a great unit for those looking specifically for a stealthy unit.
64 Score

Vapium Summit

The Vapium Summit is built with outdoor vapors in mind. It features a rugged exterior and slim design for maximum portability. Vapor quality from the Summit is decent but not spectacular. If you are looking for a device to bring camping or out for a day of rock climbing the Summit may be your best friend.
Pinnacle vaporizer. Good to use with dry herb.
64 Score


The original Pinnacle features removable filling cannisters and a fixed temperature setting making it an okay starter unit. However the unit has not aged well over the years which made way for the Pinnacle Pro.
MFLB vaporizer. Good to use with dry herb.
63 Score

Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight were seen as vaporizer entrepreneurs when they released the Launched Box. This device runs off a single "AA" battery in a sleek wood box to provide excellent on demand vapor.
63 Score

7th Floor Sidekick

The Sidekick is the first portable vaporizer from 7th Floor makers of the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha. The unit features a large ceramic heating chamber, vortex cooling coil and a glass mouthpiece to provide flavorful vapor.
Vapir NO2. Good to use with dry herb.
63 Score

Vapir NO2

The Vapir NO2 was Vapir's first portable unit. While vapor quality was decent the overall design was bulky and left a lot to be desired.
62 Score


Made by Irish manufacturer Oglesby and Butler, the Iolite is a butane powered vaporizer. This unique is geared toward cord cutters who don't wish to be tied down by removable batteries and would rather just top their unit up with butane.
G Pro Herbal Vaporizer Review
62 Score

G-Pro Herbal

The G-Pro herbal is the first true herb vaporizer from Grenco Science and features 3 pre-set temperatures and a stainless steel oven. Unfortunately vapor quality from the device is less than optimal but many still enjoy the unit because of its shape.
Flowermate v8 Vaporizer Review
62 Score

Flowermate V8.0

The Flowermate V8.0 is the largest flowermate yet and features a huge ceramic heating chamber and excellent battery life. Unfortunately vapor quality leaves a bit to be desired otherwise it is a decent overall unit.
62 Score

HipVap Vaporizer

The HipVap Vaporizer features a digital display and precise temperature control allowing versatility in your vapor quality, unfortunately vapor from this unit lacks flavor and definition.
62 Score

Puffly F2 Vaporizer

The Puffly F2 features a unique design, large chamber and 30 second heat up time but falls flat when it comes to vapor quality because of a short air pathway.
Airis Shiva Vaporizer Review
60 Score

Airis Shiva Vaporizer

The Airis Shiva features a removable stainless steel heating chamber chamber, fast heat up time and usb charging. The vapor from the unit can be a bit hot especially at higher temperatures and needs improvement.
Aristech V1 3-in-1 Portable Vaporizer
60 Score

Airistech 3 in 1 Vaporizer

The Airistech 3 in 1 vaporizer does a decent job at handling herbs, waxes and liquids, though the herb attachment is not true vaporization. But for a 3 in 1 it still does a decent enough job.
Wizvape PX2 vaporizer
58 Score

Wizvape PX2 Vaporizer

The Wizvape PX2 vaporizer is an interesting unit to say the least. While the design seems unique and portable functionality is seriously lacking along with vapor quality.
Hebe Titan II
55 Score

Hebe Titan II

The Hebe Titan is a portable and affordable but does that necessarily mean it's a good unit? Unfortunately we found the overall vapor quality of the Hebe Titan quite disappointing.
Atmos Orbit Vaporizer Review
54 Score

Atmos Orbit

This pen-style unit had promise but was a little too bulky and ultimately fell short in several categories and was actually quite confusing to operate.
Inhalater Portable Vaporizer
53 Score


The Inhalater featured a quick heat up time and portable design but was made almost entirely of plastic and was quite difficult to keep clean.
FlashVape vaporizer. Good to use with dry herb.
51 Score


The Flashvape was a decent unit when it was originally released featuring a large heating chamber and removable batteries but the device has not aged well and is now considered far too large to be considered truly portable.
Vaporite Twister
50 Score

Vaporite Twister

The Vaporite Twister featured a unique bulky shell design but was comprised mostly out of plastic which greatly affected the overall quality of vapor.
ThermoVape vaporizer. Good to use with dry herb.
49 Score

ThermoVape Vaporizer

The Thermovape had potential but suffered from poor battery life and vapor quality which lead to this units quick demise.
Palm 2.0 vaporizer. Good to use with dry herb.
48 Score

Palm 2.0

Another battery operated device much like the magic flight launch box, the Palm used a heavy amount of plastic in construction which made the unit feel cheap overall.
Vaporite Vapulizer Vaporizer Review
47 Score

Vaporite Vapulizer

This unit is very clearly a Puffit knock off, the Vapulizer felt very cheap and fell short in many categories such as vapor quality and battery life.
Sonic Vaporizer Review
46 Score

Sonic Vaporizer

This unit looks cool from the outside but under delivers on the most basic qualities of a vaporizer. Both battery life and vapor suffer heavily and we recommend another unit.
Daisy Vaporizer Review
45 Score


The Daisy is bulky, uncomfortable, lacks temperature control and overall is not very portable. It is torch based and can combust your herbs if you're not careful.
Snoop Dogg Micro G Herbal Vaporizer Review
44 Score

Snoop Dogg Micro G Herbal

This pen style unit does not perform true vaporization but rather combusts your herbs resulting in less than optimal flavor and vapor.
Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Review
43 Score

Snoop Dogg G-Pen Herbal

The original G-pen does not provide true vaporization but rather combusts your herbs resulting in less than optimal flavor and vapor.
Atmos Raw pen-style vaporizer
41 Score

Atmos Raw

The Atmos Raw does not truely vaporize your herbs but rather combusts your herbs which results in bad flavor and vapor.
Vaopr Genie. Good to use with dry herb.
40 Score

Vapor Genie

One of the first vaporizers, the Vapor Genie works with a lighter and operates like a pipe. Just like most torch based units it is very easy to combust your herbs with this unit.
33 Score


The very first vapor blunt unit had many design flaws and poor vapor quality and battery life which resulted in poor overall reception from users.
Fake Pax Vaporizer Review
31 Score

Fake Pax

Ever since the Pax gained its popularity there have been a number of chinese knockoffs. Unfortunately they perform poorly and can never match the original.

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