Want to know how certain units stack up against each other? Well you are in the right place! At Vapesterdam we find joy in pitting the latest and greatest vaporizers against each other in a no-holds-barred slug fest. We break down our comparisons into key categories to determine which is the better overall unit.


Thunder 2 vs Pulsar APX Wax

Today we’ve got a head to head comparison of two excellent concentrate vapes, the ZEUS Thunder 2 and the Pulsar APX Wax. They’ve both been known to surprise first-time users with their performance, and...

Pax 2 vs Pax 3

Ploom has been on top of the portable vaporizer game for a few years now, due in no small part to appealing design and functionality (not to mention savvy PR and marketing). Their Pax models have been...

Firefly 2 vs Pax 3

Continuing our trend of pitting the stealthiest, most popular vaporizers against each other, check out this clash of the titans. Pax has become almost synonymous with portable vaping in recent years, while the...