21" Corduroy Padded Water Pipe Bag Review
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Welcome to the 21″ Corduroy Padded Water Pipe Bag Review! Have you ever wanted to bring your favorite bong to a friend’s house to hang out? Maybe you’re moving and you need some way to transport your beautiful piece without having to worry about it getting broken. Well those exact situation and others like it are the reason bong bags exist! Today we’re looking at a bong bag with a discrete look about it and padding enough to double as a pillow! Does all that padding get put to good use? Let’s jump into the 21″ Corduroy Padded Water Pipe Bag Review to find out!

Product Pros

  1. Discrete look
  2. Well padded
  3. Good quality zipper


Product Cons

  1. Padding isn’t very well dispersed throughout the bag
  2. Strap feels flimsy
  3. Does not stand up on its own


21″ Corduroy Padded Water Pipe Bag Review: Breakdown



At first glance, this bong bag looks like it’s pretty good quality. The seams all feel well sewn and the material feels sturdy. The zipper, a great place to cheap out if you’re going to do so, also felt nice and secure. The Velcro used in the small pockets on the inside and the outside also stuck together nicely and didn’t show signs of tearing away from the fabric. The fabric on the inside was a bit of a let down, though. It felt like it was made from the same material as a really cheap pair of swimming shorts or a crappy windbreaker. All in all, it left us with a pretty average impression.



We originally had some pretty high hopes for this bag. We have a lot of glass that we transport between our homes and the office, and having a bag that could transport our glass safely would be awesome. It felt like it had lots of padding, so theoretically, it should keep all our glass perfectly safe, right? This was the theory. Unfortunately, the bag’s padding wasn’t evenly distributed and the bottom of the bongs we put in it felt like they were making nearly perfect contact with any surface outside the bag. To make matters worse, the side of the bag opposite to the zipper felt like there was no padding there! There was an entire side of the bong bag that left our precious bongs exposed and vulnerable! If an army made that kind of mistake, they would be wiped out with absolute certainty. Luckily, we were smart enough to realize these flaws before we got overconfident in the capabilities of the bag.


We had high hopes for this bong bag, but it sort of fell short in some key areas. Until we get one that better protects our glass, we’ll have to be extra careful when transporting our bongs. It might work in a pinch, but it it’s really a shining example of what a bong bag can be.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Seems like a good indication that you should keep your bongs at home and get a pipe or vape for the road lol

    • Dan C

      There are good bags out there that can do the job really well, this bag just isn’t one of them. Until then, we’ll just be extra cautious and probably have a vape or pipe around for moments when we can’t bother to be as cautious. 😉


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