420 Amber Jars Review
Build Quality80%
Look and Feel85%
65%Overall Score

Welcome to the 420 Amber Jars Review! Today we’re looking at a storage solution from 420 Science, the makers of an interesting array of products such as their 420 Wipes, the 420 scope and even a spray that preserves your herb for longer. Every enthusiast needs a way to store their herb in a way that keeps it from going stale. These jars are supposed to provide you a way to achieve that, but in style. Is the style worth the trade-off in terms of discretion? Let’s get into the 420 Amber Jars review and find out!

Product Pros

  1. Decent available sizes
  2. Well made
  3. Cool designs
  4. Coating allows for labeling

Product Cons

  1. Design kills discretion
  2. Not as protective against light

420 Amber Jars Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

These jars are all well built. The glass makes for a nice, hassle-free, inert environment to store your herb, and the materials don’t soak up any scents, so once they’re empty and cleaned, your herb won’t leave an olfactory impression on the container making it useless to store anything else. The design is well applied to the outside of the glass, but the glass is amber. This means your herb will still be subjected to light and that could diminish the quality of your herb faster than if they had make the container light tight like other jars they offer.



There are 2 big things standing in the way of these jars being discreet. The first is the color of the glass itself. It’s amber, which can only obstruct your view of what’s inside so much. The content are pretty obvious to anybody who looks at the jar, but that really isn’t the biggest problem. The biggest issue is the design on the outside. With words like “Nugs”, “Let’s Bake!”, “Got Smoke” and marijuana leaves on the outside, if you’re trying to hide your herb, this will not do the job very well.



Look and Feel

These jars look really cool. If you really don’t care about how obvious it is that you’re storing your herb in it, it’s got a lot of character that makes for a really fun storage solution. Some of the jars even have a special coating on the outside that let you write on them with sharpie and erase with a wet cloth! That means you could label each jar by the type of herb you have inside. This is a great way for any enthusiast to stay organized. Otherwise, they feel pretty much like any other screw top jar, as you’d expect from 420 science.



The capacity of these jars is pretty much the same as the light tight jars made by these guys. There is a slight increase in capacity from those jars to these, but the problem is that these are mostly meant to store dry herb, not extracts. As a result, the small holds about 1.5 g of herb, the medium holds 3.5 g of herb and the large holds about 7 g of herb. This is not bad, but it could be better. There are some enthusiasts who’d likely want to store herb in quantities about 4 times the size of the largest, so this isn’t exactly as all encompassing as the other jars.


The fact of the matter is that these jars would get the job done for most enthusiasts, but for those looking for a discreet solution this might not be the best choice. They also don’t have the capacity some might be looking for, but all in all not a bad showing from 420 Science.

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