420 Classic Jars Review
Build Quality85%
Look and Feel80%
69%Overall Score

Welcome to the 420 Classic Jars Review! Today we’re looking at the line of jars offered by 420 Science that can be used to store your herb. 420 Science says these jars are great air-tight storage jars for preserving the freshness of the contents in high quality glass, but just how useful are these jars to the average enthusiast? Let’s get to the 420 Classic Jars Review to find out!

Product Pros

  1. High quality glass
  2. Air tight seal
  3. Great capacity
  4. Made in the USA

Product Cons

  1. Jar is see-through
  2. designs on the outside are not very discreet



420 Classic Jars Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of these jars is actually really impressive. The jars are made of machine blown glass right herein the USA and designs are well done and expertly applied to the jars, apparently by hand. The tops of these jars are all quite heavy as they’re heavy-pressed glass lids with a gasket ring that creates an air-tight seal which shields your herb from the harsh environment of the outside world. You can be sure you’re getting a quality product when it comes to these jars.



Unfortunately, this is one area where these jars take a rather large hit. The jars are clear glass, which means that no matter what you put inside the jar, others are sure to know what’s inside it as soon as they look at the jar. To make matters worse, the design on the outside of the jar, save for a few special cases where you might be able to say otherwise, isn’t discreet at all. The slogans and and pictures are attention grabbers that would do nothing if not make people want to take a closer look at the jar. This is partly a problem and partly a compliment to those who designed the pictures. If you end up with one of these jars somehow, you might not have to worry about smell leaking from the jar, but you sure won’t be able to keep the jar anywhere where someone might see it.

420 Classic Jars Review - different sizes


Look and Feel

These jars not only look cool, but they feel really high quality. The designs on the outside may not be discreet, but they look really cool and are expertly applied to the jars which makes you feel like they really went out of their way to pay attention to the details to make a better product. The jars are quite heavy, mostly due to the tops of the jars, but the thick glass only contributes to the high quality feel of the jar.



This is yet another area where these jars excel. They provide a wide range of sizes to provide a great offering for those looking to store anything from 7 g of herb to 16 g. They have bigger jars available, but they aren’t exactly part of this category, so it wouldn’t be fair to include them in this review, but there aren’t many people out there who need more than 16 g worth of storage.


To sum things up, these jars are high quality jars that will serve you well, but only if you can keep them out of sight. If you plan on keeping the jar somewhere where someone might see it, it might be a better idea to pick a more stealthy storage solution than this jar.

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