420 UV Jar – Wax Review
Build Quality80%
Look and Feel80%
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Welcome to the 420 UV Jar – Wax review! today we’re looking at a storage jar for your concentrates, specifically your wax if you’re to obey the wording on the outside of the jar. This glass jar seems like a pretty basic, screw-top, dark glass jar, but 420 Science says the glass is special UV glass. What does that even mean? Well let’s get to the 420 UV Jar – Wax review and find out!

Product Pros

  1. Good selection of sizes
  2. Glass is easy to clean and keeps wax from sticking
  3. Dark glass keeps light out

Product Cons

  1. The word wax is sprawled across the outside in a conspicuous sort of way




420 UV Jar – Wax Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

To start off, glass is a great material to use when it comes to extracts because it doesn’t interfere with the extract by letting the extract stick to it or imparting any flavors or unwanted particles into your extracts (I’m looking at you, wax/parchment paper). 420 Science took it a step further by using what they call UV glass, which they claim blocks all UVB and visible light except violet light to keep the contents fresh. The science behind this is accurate, light will degrade the potency and freshness of your herb or extract over time, so keeping the light from reaching it in the first place will extend the life of your herb or extracts. Even if the glass isn’t special, the fact that it’s blacked out means the contents will be well protected from the elements.



The black exterior would make for a pretty discreet jar that could easily keep out without arousing suspicion or harming your stash with exposure to light. The air-tight lid would also keep any smell from escaping the container and alerting people around it that there is something smelly inside. This would all be true if they didn’t put the word “Wax” in big white letters across the jar itself. Now it’s as discrete as a someone telling you a secret through a megaphone.



Look and Feel

This jar doesn’t exactly surprise when you hold it. The cap is plastic, which doesn’t feel like the highest quality piece of the jar, but the rest of it feels high quality and well made. The letters on the outside of the jar look pretty cool, and if you don’t really want to be covert about it, it’s a convenient way to keep track of what’s in the jar.



The capacity available for these jars is nothing short of awesome. You can get this jar in 5 ml, 10 ml, 50 ml, or 100 ml sizes. This is perfect for any enthusiast who happens to have a reasonable amount of wax. Any more than a 100 ml and people might start asking questions. In this regard, they’ve gone above and beyond in the way of capacity by providing wax-lovers with a wide range of sizes.


There is a market for this sort of jar, but that market isn’t everyone. If you’re looking for something discreet to keep your concentrates in, this jar won’t really get that job done. Besides their inability to be covert with these jars, the jars are actually good quality and do a good job of keeping the contents as fresh as possible with a light-tight design. If you’re okay with having the contents of your jars literally spelled out on the container, this is a great way to keep your wax at peak freshness for longer.

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  1. Anonymous

    Any possibility of scraping the white lettering off or is it written under some kind of lamination?

    • Dan C

      You might be able to scrape it off, but doing do would likely ruin the jar and/or the sharp object you’re using to scrape it off.


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