420 Wipes Review
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Welcome to the 420 Wipes review! Today’s accessory comes to us from 420 Science, the makers of the 420 scopes and jars for storage of your herb. This particular product is meant to keep your gadgets and glass from turning into bacteria farms from your friends’ germs, which is of particular interest to us here at Vapesterdam as the days are starting to get colder and a few of us are coming down with cases of the sniffles. There are few other products as relevant to herb enthusiasts as protection for illnesses during flu season, so let’s get into the 420 Wipes review to see how they did!

Product Pros

  1. Individually packaged
  2. Easy to use
  3. Memorable packaging
  4. Many uses

Product Cons

  1. Wipes themselves aren’t that big.

420 Wipes Review: Breakdown



Each of the wipes in the package is individually packaged. It might seem difficult to evaluate the quality of something like this, but the wipes in terms of their packaging were great and the little towelettes were pretty strong and felt a lot like the wipes you’d get from a Chinese restaurant. We promise that isn’t an insult. It’s actually a testament to how easy the packages were to open and use. The packaging also looked nice and was actually kind of funny. You may not be left feeling like you purchased gold leaf with iso on it to clean your pieces, but you are left feeling like you got a product that was well attended to in it’s design and implementation, which is really nice.



This can depend on the individual and the season. For some people, this is never an issue. They’d rather not mess around with something like this which would just take up time they could be using to continue enjoying their session. On the other hand, if you’re health-conscientious, you’ll look at these wipes as an invaluable part of every session you have with friends. This would be especially true when it comes to flu season as it can be extremely easy to catch the bug and be out of commission for a while. That combined with the fact that you can use these wiped on just about any surface make this a great thing for just about any smoker or vaper. Lord knows we can all be a bit more cautious when it comes to smoking hygiene when the weather is in transition. We only wish the wipes were a bit bigger.

420 Wipes review - open wipe with package


If you’re someone who likes to have sessions with your friends be it with a vape, vaporizer, pipe, bong or even a hookah, these are a great way to keep everyone’s germs to themselves. That way you can share the love and not the germs, because you love your friends, but like the box says, they’re gross.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Are these versatile enough to wipe down the glass surface of, say, an average sized bong, or are they only useful for just bowls and mouthpieces?

    • Dan C

      They’re a bit small, so you’ll be wiping for a LONG time, but you could do that for sure if you have the time and patience.


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