5 1/4" Retro Glass Platinum Tube Review
Build Quality22%
Smoke Quality50%
Look & Feel50%
Ease of Maintenance95%
48%Overall Score

Welcome, fellow smokers or would-be smokers, to the 5 1/4″ Retro Glass Platinum Tube review! Today we get to look at a colorful little tube that’s shaped like a mushroom. It’s size makes it a good candidate for a possible handheld piece, but does it have the quality to truly earn it’s place among your collection of prestigious pieces? Let’s take a look at it and see!

Product Pros

  1. Nice colors
  2. Small and easy to use
  3. Easy to clean

Product Cons

  1. Uneven edges
  2. Rough surfaces




5 1/4″ Retro Glass Platinum Tube Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

I wanted to like this bong more, but the finish of this bong is straight up childish. The top of the tube is all wonky and uneven, and the bottom still has the little nub where the tube was cut from the rest of the hot glass. Oh, and I should probably mention the “MADE IN CHINA” sticker still on the bottom of the bong. Sloppy, retro glass. You can do better than this. The downstem is built into this bong and there is this messy looking black rubber o-ring that really doesn’t compliment the bong.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

There isn’t really much in the way of percolators in this bong. All you’ve got is a little chamber at the bottom and the downstem doesn’t even reach that far down. Filling the chamber enough to get any percolation just ends in water backfiring into your bowl. It’s best to leave this bong unfilled, so the smoke is pretty much pure without any cooling or filtering. Not ideal, but at least it doesn’t add any flavors.

5-1-4 inch Retro Glass Platinum Tube


Look and Feel

The look of this bong at first glance is what made me want to like it. It’s small and colorful and the shape is fun. It’s the sort of thing you’d like to add to your collection. Then you take a close look at it and realize it’s not made very well. There are a lot of imperfections that leave you feeling like it’s really not high quality. Oh, also, a shard of glass randomly fell out of the bong when I was giving it a first inspection. There is a very real scenario where I could have ended up with a 1/4″ shard of glass in my lungs.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

This bong is probably the smallest bong we’ve reviewed, and its very easy to clean because of that. A little iso and salt shaken around in here and it’s as good as new. You can do it in the sink before or after cleaning your dishes and it can even dry on your dish-rack next to your cups…you know…if you live in a household that’s down with that sort of thing. Either way, it’s quick and easy to clean this bong so we have to give it credit where credit is due.


To sum this all nicely, I’d say that if you’re a smoker who’s low on cash and even lower on free space, this bong would likely suit you. I’d also have to be the kind of smoker who doesn’t mind a bong that’s basically a glorified pipe, because you won’t be getting any percolation form this piece. If that sounds like you, then this is the bong for you. Otherwise, you might want to pass on this mushroom tube. It’s cute, but it doesn’t do anything an apple can do for a lot cheaper. Plus, you can eat the apple afterwards. Score.

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