Alpaca Grinder Review
Build Quality70%
Grind Ease75%
Look & Feel75%
73%Overall Score

Most herb grinders tend to be of a fairly traditional design, but the US-based manufacturer Alpaca is looking to shake things up a bit, so to speak. The Alpaca Grinder uses a distinct quick-dispense screw in tandem with fine steel teeth to create an easily spreadable grind, going from grind to golden in seconds. As well, the Alpaca deliberately retains pollen within the herb chamber, rather than separating into different chambers. What sort of end result does all this engineering innovation hold in store? Read the Vapesterdam review to find out!

Product Pros

  • Unique, innovative design
  • Easily dispenses herbs
  • Made with strong yet lightweight materials

Product Cons

  1. Grind consistency not ideal for vaporizing
  2. No catcher for pollen


Alpaca Grinder Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Alpaca is made in the United States, primarily consisting of aircraft-grade aluminum and other premium materials.

Most notable is the unique titanium double helix within the body of the Alpaca which allows herbs to be spread out mere seconds after grinding

The bottom chamber is secured with a rubber cap for portability, though the chamber should still be emptied before taking on the road. The magnetic top helps to hold things in place while on the go. Overall, this is a solid construction which should be satisfactory for fine grinders.

Grind Ease

Grind Ease

While the Alpaca’s teeth are not quite as razor-sharp as their marketing would have us believe, there should be fairly little resistance to achieving an even enough grind.

The only issue with grinding is being able to both work the grind and keep your bowl or chamber in place for the dispensing of the herbs. So while the ease of grind itself is fairly light, actually making full use of this innovation may require another iteration or two.

Alpaca Grinder Lid & Inside View


Look and Feel

Using aircraft-grade aluminum in its primary construction, the grinder is feels sturdy yet lightweight. The downspout used for herb dispensing is the most unique part of the Alpaca’s look, deviating from the traditional cylindrical shape of most grinders.

With 3 grams worth of herb storage, the Alpaca is not huge but should fit enough for most casual users.



While the grind consistency can get fine enough with the Alpaca, the Zeus Bolt uses diamond-cut teeth and multiple chambers to evenly cut apart herbs and allow the excess pollen to be sifted and collected easier.

The Alpaca generates a fine, if uneventful grind overall and should work well for most users, though one would expect a little more from such an expensive item.


This is a cool new addition to the world of grinders, and we appreciate the innovative design allowing for easier dispensing of herbs. However, innovation alone does not put one to the top of the class. The Alpaca may require a few revisions before it becomes optimum for vaporization especially for the relatively hefty price tag for such an accessory ($60 – $90)

As well, there have been customer issues regarding refunded and unfulfilled orders past the first few months of launch in early 2016. So, even if the Alpaca sounds like the herb mule for you, it may be a struggle to actually get it to your home.

Seeing as there are other grinders more readily available (like the Zeus Bolt) which are more carefully calibrated for vaporizing most effectively, the Alpaca remains a curious, if not necessarily essential, addition to your collection.

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  1. Collin

    The grinder may function okay, but this company has TERRIBLE customer service. I’ve been trying to get a very simple issue addressed for 3 months now. I got a response to my initial email, but it didn’t address my problem at all. I’ve sent about 8 more emails since then, but no response to any of them. 08/31/17


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