Aspire Zelos Vape Review - Getting Zelos
Build Quality72%
Vapor Quality75%
70%Overall Score

The Aspire Zelos kit is a 50 watt mod with an internal 2500mAh LiPo battery that supports a maximum wattage of 50 watts.  It comes packaged with the Nautilus 2 MTL (Mouth to Lung) tank, its predecessor the original Nautilus being well regarded as one of the first and best performing tanks in terms of restrictive airflow, a feature sought out by all mouth to lung vapers out there. How does the Nautilus 2 compare to its older brother? Is it a worthy successor? Let’s find out.

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Product Pros

  • Extremely compact
  • Big, informative display
  • Beautiful styling

Product Cons

  • Only a single battery device
  • Doesn’t come with extra glass for tank


Aspire Zelos Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Aspire Zelos aesthetics might not appeal to everyone, but there is no doubt that this is a beautifully crafted device.From the subtle sheen, to the durable coating that covers the entirety of the device, it definitely looks like a mod that’s built to last.

Aspire didn’t skimp on the 510 connectors they use as well as it is sturdy, and reads resistance of all coils regardless of what atomizer is screwed on top of it.

The Zelos can accommodate atomizers up to 23mm in diameter which is a great fit for the attys that it was built for. Measuring out at 128mm in height (Nautilus 2 tank included), a width of 23mm, and a thickness of 38mm, the Zelos doesn’t aim to wow anyone with its flashy frame but instead is built to fit ergonomically in your hands.

The fire button feels solid and is nice to press and clicky. It features micro USB charging port which is the sole method of charging the device thanks to the internal a 2500mAh battery powering it.


Vapor Quality

The Nautilus 2 is one of the best mouth to lung style of tanks out there right now. Many vapers who transitioned from analogs to electronic cigarettes, chances are have used its predecessor, the original Nautilus to switch to vaping. The Nautilus 2 feautures a tight to slightly restricted draw depending on how the airflow is set, allowing vapers to get a nice, well flavored vape even at low wattages.

One complaint that should be pointed out though is that the top full mechanism on the tank is rather outdated by more recent innovations and I feel like Aspire could’ve gone the extra step in making the Nautilus 2 an easier to tank to refill.

The kit comes bundled with a 1.8ohm coil and a 0.7ohm coil both having similar amounts of airflow passing through the coil head although the 0.7ohm coil is a bit looser. Both vape great from as low to 18 watts up to a whopping 40 watts depending on how you configure the airflow with the easy to adjust  ring found on the base of the tank.

Packaged with the kit is a delrin 510 driptip as well as a stainless steel driptip. While the stainless steel tip complements the aesthetic of the mod better, the delrin driptip has the advantage of providing a cooler vape experience when using the device at higher wattages. The kit also includes an extra glass tank in case you break the first one; both glass tanks have a max total capacity of 2ml of juice. And while 2ml of juice doesn’t seem like a lot, its more than enough for this type of MTL style of tank which practically sips juice, one of the advantages of vaping at higher resistances.

Cloud chasers might not get what theyre looking for though with this device as the Nautilus isn’t built to throw huge amounts of vapor thanks to the restricted airflow, for those who like their juice’s flavor to stand out though, its hard to go wrong with the Nautilus 2.




Despite the Zelos’s relatively low maximum power delivery of 50 watts, it still goes well with higher ohm coil builds, not excluding the packaged Nautilus 2. the included tank also supports temperature coils such as stainless steel, nickel, and titanium which is a surprising feature for this mod to have despite its  minuscule size.

Unfortunately, the Zelos does not support adjustable TCR curves, so anyone getting this device will have to be content with the way the temperature control performs out of the box. Luckily though, the temperature control does perform rather well even when compared to most devices that feature adjustable curves, meaning it’s a great device for those who just want to use TC right off the bat upon using this device.

The Zelos also supports atomizers up to 23mm in diameter which is ideal given its battery capacity. Anyone looking to install larger, power drinking builds on this device might have issues with the battery’s longevity.



Palming the Zelos is far from uncomfortable, it’s one of the most comfortable devices to hold and also fits into any size pockets.

The massive 2500mah internal battery means that newbies to vaping wont have to bother with the extra hassle of selecting and purchasing the right battery for this device and due its large capacity, and the MTL coils that come bundles with the kit, the Zelos without question should last it’s owners an entire day of regular use without having to rely on charging it through an outlet or powerbank.

An issue with the tank though is its not the easiest device to refill with juice or to change coils on the go, due to the design of Nautilus 2 requiring users to fully empty the tank out before being able to swap in a new coil.


The Aspire Zelos kit is a great choice for analog smokers looking to get their first vape, with the airflow of the included Nautilus 2 closely mimicking the feel of taking a drag of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The included internal 2500mAh battery is also a huge plus as it’ll get any vaper no matter how heavily he/she uses this device an easy full day of usage when pairing the Zelos with the included tank.

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