Black Rock Safety Case 2.0 Review
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Two of the hardest things about enjoying herbs on the go are keeping your tools safe and staying discreet. Today we’ll be looking at a product that manages to help on both these fronts: the Black Rock Safety Case 2.0.

If you find yourself wishing you had a better way to carry your stash around, this is a product worth learning about. Black Rock’s goal was to create the best transportation system possible for herbal smoking and vaporizing enthusiasts, and they’ve done a very good job…

Product Pros

  1. Easily Pocketed
  2. Smell Proof
  3. Holds a wide array of wax pens

Product Cons

  1. Limited Dry Herb Vaporizer Capacity
  2. Stiff Zipper
  3. $$$

What is it?

The Safety Case 2.0 is a storage system that is designed to allow you to keep all of your smoking or vaping needs handy in one case. Not just any case though. A case that will protect all your items if you drop it, and also keep all the smells inside it.

 The smell proof aspect is the most important in our eyes – er, noses? – because there are already a lot of cases out there that do a good job at protecting what you want to carry. It’s the smells that will cause problems when you are out in public, and this is designed to make sure nothing leaks out.

 The other nice thing about these cases is the fact that they’ve pretty much thought of everything as far as storage space goes. There is room for your herbs, papers, pipes, 1-hitters, and vaporizers – though not necessarily all at one time. If you get the basic kit, you even get a one-hitter and card-style grinder with the case, among other things. You can also get a deluxe kit or just the case itself.


Does it Work?


The case definitely protects glass pieces from falls that would otherwise break them, and smells are contained much better than they are in normal cases. This wouldn’t fool a better-than-human nose, but it will keep people nearby from knowing what you are carrying.

As far as storage ability, it is also pretty impressive. There are lots of elastic bands designed to keep things from moving around and bumping into each other inside the case, and there is plenty of room to carry all sorts of goodies.

One thing I will caution is that I don’t think every portable vaporizer would fit nicely inside here. Some of the bigger ones may not work, but small options like the Pax 3 or other similarly portable units should fit fine. If you are looking for a case specifically for Dry Herb or E-Liquid vaporizers, or just want more space than what the Black Rock OG Case offers, definitely check out the Zeus Armor Case.

Our Opinion

If you find yourself carrying fragile smoking and vaping tools and also need a way to keep smells contained when you are transporting them, the Black Rock Safety Case is definitely worth checking out. The price isn’t bad at roughly $40 for just the case, but the real value seems to be in bumping up to one of the kits. The basic kit kits you a bunch of great extras, and the final cost is still only $60.

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