Blue Twisted Glass Spoon Review
Build Quality75%
Smoke Quality50%
Look & Feel70%
Ease of Maintenance98%
73%Overall Score

Welcome to the Blue Twisted Glass Spoon Review! When it comes to glass pipes, often the design is king. It’s all about looking cool in some way be it with pretty colors or a look that screams “You have to at least use me once!”. This pipe falls into the colorful category and so we step into the review to see how this pretty piece performs!

Product Pros

  1. High quality glass
  2. Fits nicely in your hand
  3. Easy to carry around
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Simple to use

Product Cons

  1. Not a very dynamic experience
  2. Smoke is unfiltered



Blue Twisted Glass Spoon Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Boroscilicate glass is a good choice when making a pipe or bong because its easy to make something that looks and feels like it’s good quality. This pipe is well made, smooth and the colors are excellently used to enhance the cool-factor created by the twist in the tube section of the pipe. Whoever blew this pipe did a great job.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

The pipe has no filtering of any sort so the smoke is pretty rough. That being said, there is a choke, so you can open up the air pathway to add some fresh air to your smoke to make it less harsh, but it won’t exactly change your life. The flavor of your smoke will be pure thanks to the glass used to make the unit, but other than that you shouldn’t expect much.



Look and Feel

This pipe looks really cool. There are some red, white and green stripes that run the length of the pipe and because the pipe is “twisted”, the stripes twist with it and make for a really cool visual effect. The pipe’s twist also makes it sit nicely in your hand and I found the pipe easier to cradle between my fingers than most.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

God bless glass. Cleaning is a dream with glass pipes because they can just soak in cleaning solution and go from gross to good as new over night! The best part is you have to put in between 0% and 1% effort to make it happen! It’s beautiful, really.


To those of you who look for a more fancy smoking experience: this pipe is not for you. It’s very simple, direct, and to the point. Smoking it and cleaning is are as simple as its looks. To those who want something easy, this pipe is great! When you’re not in the mood to roll, but still want to smoke, a spoon like this is a great way to get a taste of your herbs without any hassle.

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