f you grow your own herbs or buy it and store it for any length of time, then you are probably familiar with how difficult it can be to keep them at the ‘right’ moisture level. Keep herbs in a jar for long, and you’re almost guaranteed to end up with a very dry product. On the other hand, too much moisture can easily lead to mold. Dealing with these issues has been a nuisance for decades. Different people all have their own tricks that they use, but as it turns out, there’s a simple solution.

Product Pros

  1. Maintain a constant humidity
  2. Prevents mold
  3. Easy to use

Product Cons

  1. Not the best for those who use vaporizers



Boveda Packs Overview: Breakdown

What Do They Do?

Boveda packs offer two way humidity control. In other words, they can add moisture to a jar or suck it out. So if you get the 62% option, the pack will keep the interior of the jar at a stable 62%. The two options that most people recommend for any type of herbs are the 62% and 58%. The 62% packs were the original standby, but many people have now switched to the 

As a side note, these can be used for a pretty impressive amount of applications. I’ve never personally used them for anything other than herbs, but I know people who use them for things like protecting musical instruments and storing different types of food where moisture level is important.

How They Work

The inside of these packs are essentially salt water. The saturation level of the salts in the package somehow control the humidity of the surrounding environment. By putting them in a sealed jar, you create a mini environment that features controlled humidity. We could go into more detail, but all you really need to know is that they do actually work.

If you are wondering why Boveda seems to be the only ones selling humidity packs, it’s because they’ve got the technology protected with a patent.


How to Use Them

You literally just pop them in a jar of herbs and let them work their magic. At the beginning, they’ll be soft and noticeably filled with liquid. As the salts do their thing, there will be less and less liquid left. When the pouch is no longer soft, it’s time to replace it. They’ll often last a couple months. I have actually had great success using these packs along with my Zeus Temple for herb storage, if you have 2 temples you can use one as a storage device keeping your herbs fresh and another as a de-humidor to extract moisture before you use your herbs in conjunction with a vaporizer.


If you find yourself dealing with any quantity of dried herbs, you should look into picking up some Boveda packs. These really do work, and they’re definitely worth the investment.

Before just picking out any random pack, make sure the humidity level will work for what you need. They offer a huge range, but the 58% and 62% are probably the ones you’ll want to look at for herbs.

Let me say one more thing. When I first heard about Boveda packs, I assumed that they were just a marketing gimmick that didn’t provide much real world value. A lot of people seem to feel the same way. I was wrong. Just try them once and see for yourself.

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