Coconut Mixing Bowl Review
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Welcome to the Coconut Mixing Bowl Review! Today we’re taking a look at a a mixing bowl that’s supposed to help you roll somehow. How? Who knows. Maybe it connects you to the spirits of ancient rollers to take your rolling to another level or something. I don’t know. Either way, never mind that or the fact that you could make a coconut bowl yourself. It’s here and it’s begging to be reviewed, so let’s give it the vapesterdam treatment and analyse everything this bowl has to offer in this Coconut Mixing Bowl review!

Product Pros

  1. Everything stays in the bowl
  2. It looks cool

Product Cons

  1. Everything stays in the bowl because it’s a bowl
  2. Doesn’t help you actually roll
  3. You might as well use a normal bowl
  4. It’s big

Coconut Mixing Bowl Review: Breakdown



What can I really say about this bowl? It’s a coconut turned into a bowl! There isn’t much to it. It’s just a coconut with some lacquer to make a nice smooth surface and the coating is nice and even. I guess it also has a cool leaf pattern on the bottom. That’s really as far as this goes though. It’s just a bowl. IT’s JUST A BOWL! 



SERIOUSLY, IT’S A BOWL! You should already have a bowl in your house right now that you use for eating cereal or scrambling eggs or whatever – that bowl is no better or worse at helping you roll than this bowl. The bowl’s main function is to catch herb that escapes your papers, but what other bowl or hell, even a plate, can’t do that? The answer is every bowl and plate on the planet that doesn’t have holes in it for some reason. This is one of the most useless things in the world when it comes to rolling. On the other hand, I had Cheerios in it and that was pretty awesome. So I guess there’s that.


If you have a large amount of money to throw around for no apparent reason, you should buy yourself one of these. Actually buy two: one to use while rolling and one to eat Cheerios out of after. It’s actually pretty great. Otherwise, you have much better things to do with your money, so you should probably save it. I don’t even know what you need to use your money for and I still know it’s a better idea than buying this bowl. I’m that sure.

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3 Responses

  1. Darius the Scariest

    Also, judging from the picture, it doesn’t look like it has a stable base, so as far as cereal bowls go, it’s probably on the shittier end…

    • Dan C

      It had a funny little flap part that let it sit pretty steadily if you didn’t fill it up too much, so Drew made good use of it but yes, you’re right, not on the high end of the bowl world.


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