CVault Storage Review
Build Quality60%
Look & Feel70%
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Billed as “The world’s smartest curing and storage container,” CVault Storage sounds like it could be the one-stop shop for herb storage. The aim of the CVault is to retain humidity and moisture for the herbs, which sounds great for use in the kitchen but is a different story when it comes to vaporization.

As revolutionary as this storage device claims to be, how well does CVault actually work to keep herbs in optimum vaporizing condition? Despite their best efforts, CVault ended up going hard in the wrong direction and gave us a terrific device not at all suited to our vaporizing needs. Read on to see how it all went down!

Product Pros

  • Secure and air-tight lid
  • Units are easily stackable
  • Wide range of sizes available

Product Cons

  • Counter-intuitive product goal
  • Not effective for herb vaporization

CVault Storage Review: Breakdown

Build Quality

Build Quality

This is a good unit for keeping herbs fresh; no doubt much effort was put into designing the humidity-retaining build of the CVault.

The main issue with the CVault Storage is how it is designed to retain a specific level of humidity in herbs, which actually works against effective vaporization. Despite popular belief, vaporizing herbs is much more effective when the botanicals are as dry as possible. So while we give CVault credit for achieving a significant amount of control when it comes to humidity, this feels akin to a powerful engine speeding in the wrong direction. A more appropriate alternative could be considered in the Zeus Temple Box, which actually works the opposite way as a de-humidor. This allows for more consistent heating and stronger flavors.



The low-key design and stainless steel construction make for an herbal storage solution which would fit well in any kitchen. The variety of personal and commercial sizes also makes it a practical addition for non-vaporizing purposes. As well, the lid is airtight and keeps odors to a minimum, leaving others none the wiser to whatever herbs you choose to store.

Aside from the sly green used in the branding, CVault keeps a low, semi-professional vibe to their storage products.

CVault Storage Personal - Medium

Look and Feel

The CVault is quite lightweight and durable, while also being airtight and light-impenetrable. The use of stainless steel makes the CVault look like any other kitchen storage device, minus the green branding on top.

Overall, CVault Storage looks and feels pleasantly neutral, and should be quite reasonable for handling herb storage.



A range of capacities are offered for herb aficionados for all sizes: the medium-sized personal CVault has a storage capacity of 14 to 24 grams, with the smaller size housing 7 to 12 grams and the larger-size holding 28 to 50 grams worth of herbs.

There are also commercial sizes available for massive herb collectors, as well as combination packages for a variety of storage options around the home.


The CVault Storage unit is certainly a well-designed device for keeping herbs fresh, which is great for cooking and kitchen use but is actually counter-intuitive for vaporizing purposes. If we were more combustion-centric, we would be able to give this a better notice, but unfortunately this is simply not the case.

For best results with your herbs, it is recommended to actually use a de-humidor like the Zeus Temple Box. This way, the herbs can be more easily heated, and the vapor becomes much more flavorful and effective.

As always, thanks for reading our review! If you have any thoughts regarding the CVault Storage, do let us know in the comments below!

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