Da Vinci U-Water Tool Adapter Review
95%Overall Score

Welcome to the Da Vinci U-Water Tool Adapter review! This accessory is a huge win for anybody who wants to take their vapor smoothness to the next level or just wants an excuse to use their bong again after switching to vaporizing. It’s a simple u-shaped glass adapter for the ascent that can be bought to plug into a 14mm joint or a 18mm joint to be compatible with your specific bong. Let’s dive into the review to see how useful this accessory is!

Product Pros

  1. Keeps vapor pathway glass
  2. Ascent is held onto the unit

Product Cons

  1. Can throw off the balance of a bong
  2. Hard to get the ascent into position

Da Vinci U-Water Tool Adapter Review: Breakdown

Da Vinci U-Water Tool Adapter  with ascent attached



This adapter is great quality on all aspects. The glass is well blown and fits nicely into the joint size advertised, and the silicone piece that holds the Ascent in place has a nice logo on it and fits snugly (but not too snugly) over your unit. This adapter also manages to keep the glass vapor pathway the way it is and only requires you to pull out the top part of the stem that comes in the unit.



The one downside this adapter presented was that it made the bong I used with it a bit front-heavy, but other than that, it was great. It super-cools your vapor making it so smooth that you might as well be breathing air on a brisk autumn day. It’s fantastic. Some may say you don’t need it, but those people would likely also say you don’t need triple-ply toilet paper. You don’t, but my god, it feels so good and who are they to deny you that luxury? Damn it, you deserve it!

If you’re a vaporizing lover with an ascent who wants to spoil themselves, this is an amazing treat. It takes your experience with the ascent to a whole new level while letting you reconnect with your old friend – the bong. It might seem like it’s part of the past, but this adapter will remind you that as long as you’ll allow it, it can always be part of your future.

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    • Dan C

      As along as your bong has a 14mm joint size, you’ll be fine. If this one doesn’t fit, there is an 18mm size as well that should fit any others that have a downstem that isn’t built into the bong. Take some measurements and/or consult the one who sold it to you and just get the appropriate size and you’re set!


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