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Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality79%
77%Overall Score

For those looking to quit smoking their tobacco and start vaping, finding the right device for your needs can be a daunting task. A lot of research is usually required before one can feel confident enough to choose a device that they’ll ultimately be satisfied with. This is where Eleaf comes in with the iCare 2, the successor to the original iCare which was designed by Eleaf to give transitioning smokers an easy and simplified solution to be introduced to the world of vaping.

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Product Pros

  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Operate

Product Cons

  • Needs high Nic level


E-Leaf iCare 2 Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The iCare 2 is one small device. Measuring out to a meager 86mm*13*mm*31mm, its probably one of the tiniest vape devices you can find out there in the market. It also weighs next to nothing, sitting at a mere 33.5 grams. That’s pretty much 1/5 the weight of conventional box mods! This tiny device sports a rubberized finish that comes in black, green, gold, white, red, and gray color options. The iCare 2 feels great to hold in hand thanks to the finish which makes it extra grippy which is a plus considering how small the mod is.

In terms of operability, Eleaf has crafted a solid winner here. The iCare 2 is easy to assemble straight out of the box. Included in the box are the device itself, a 2ml tank, 2 x 1.3ohm coils, and the standard user manual. Turning on the device is done with a simple 5 clicks of the firing button located at the front of the device after which the LED on the firing button blinks indicating the device has been turned on. Turning off the device requires the same 5 clicks.

The bottom the device features some battery venting for the compact yet well performing 650mAh battery. A micro USB port is found on the side allowing you to charge the iCare 2 with either a wall outlet or a portable power bank. The iCare 2 is easily charged thanks to the Mirco USB plug which comes with the kit.

The iCare 2 uses the same method of displaying battery life for all devices without a screen by flashing the LED light found on the firing switch:

60-100%    – Green

30-59%    – Orange

10-29%    – Blue

0-%9     – Red

It’s pretty easy to tell how much charge is left in your mod with this method since the firing button LE turns on every time the device is fired, indicating battery charge level with every puff.


Vapor Quality

Vaping at a maximum of 15 watts, you can’t really expect much from the iCare 2. The 2 coils packaged with the kit are rated at 1.3 ohms meaning flavor production and cloud density is a far cry from the advanced sub-ohm devices available right now. This doesn’t mean that the iCare 2 is a bad or subpar device, quite the opposite actually. Given its size, flavor production is decent, and vapor density doesn’t fare too badly as well.

One of the main selling points in this device is how easy it is set up. The entire mod itself comprised of only 5 parts: the body, tank, drip tip, coil head, and gasket used to prevent liquid from leaking. And everything apart from the coil head requires no threading to fit together. Need to access the reservoir?

Simply pop off the drip tip to reveal the top fill port holes and drip your liquid down. The tank holds up to 2ml of liquid. While this might seem lacking compared to the oversized tanks that we often see, take note that the iCare is only firing at 15 watts maximum, so you can expect that 2ml to last quite a long time.

For most of you who are looking to quit cigarettes, it would be ideal to get your liquids in 6mg or higher if you want to make the most out of the iCare. Vaping the iCare at high nic juice is satisfying not only due to the nicotine content of the liquid but mostly due to the idea that such a low profile and compact mod works so well.




Not much can be said really said about the iCare 2 here. It was designed to do only one thing: Vape at 15 watts. Eleaf clearly designed the mod to cater to transitioning vapers or those who are quitting cigarettes, and it’s not often that you find a new vaper jumping straight into configuring temperature control or adjustable TCR curves.

Adding these features to a device would only make the cost of entry into vaping much higher, and of course, it would be impossible for Eleaf to design a mod so compact as the iCare if they wanted to integrate temperature control on it.



The iCare 2 shines in this regard thanks to its ultra-compact dimensions and featherlight weight. The ability to slip easily even into the tiniest of pockets and disappear into the palm of your hand is a treasured trait amongst mods, and it is a trait that the iCare 2 has in spades.

The battery life is only rated at 650mAh but thanks to the high resistance coil being used in the tank, the iCare 2 is far from power hungry, letting you enjoy vaping it for a good part of the day without requiring a recharge.


The iCare is one of the most ideal devices targeted towards quitting smokers who would like to start vaping. It’s simple. Hassle-free, and most of all extremely compact and light, not too dissimilar from an actual cigarette. The rubberized texture on the device feels great to hold, and when vaping with high nic liquid, the iCare 2 comes quite close to its analog counterpart.

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