E-Leaf iJust X Review - The X Factor
Build Quality76%
Vapor Quality78%
75%Overall Score

Eleaf, whether intentionally or not has released a mod that goes against the current trend of big boxy mods. The E-Leaf iJust X with its unique unibody design, and double barrell inspired shape, wasnt designed to knock your socks off with its massive power output or extensive feature set,  but lets find out if it actuallly gives a decent vape while doing what it does best: looking good.

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Product Pros

  • Unibody Mod
  • Compact
  • Easy to Operate

Product Cons

  • Difficult to Clean


iJust X Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

No question about it: the iJust X is simply a good looking mod. While there is admittedly a spectrum wherein people’s taste vary, it would be far-fetched to think that anyone would call the iJust X a bad looking device. Simply from its streamlined unibody design, and minimalist branding, it seems to target a certain demographic of vapers that dont care for having the flashiest, or glaringly offensive mods. Construction feels absolutely rock solid, and while I haven’t tried dropping the device yet, I wouldnt be surprised if it could take a considerable beating.

The iJust X measures out to  50.7mm*25.7mm*101mm (length*width*height) which means its definitely a portable mod. The ergonomics are great for small to medium sized hands, while larger hands might have some trouble with gripping and firing the device for extended periods mainly due to the device’s minuscule footprint. The iJust X weighs in at 203.5 grams which feels just about right considering the tank and battery are built right into the internals of the mod.

As I was inspecting and piecing the mod together to get my first impressions of the vape quality, one of the biggest cons lay within the fact that the tank and battery are built into the device without any option to remove them. The result of this is the device might be frustratingly hard to clean properly.

With traditional tank atomizers, each part could be removed piece by piece and cleaned separately from the mod. Unfortunately this isnt an option with the iJust X and cleaning the tank forces you to expose the entirety of the mod to unfavorable conditions, exposure to water and moisture being the prime example. Although this is an undertstandeable tradeoff that comes with the nature of the mod itself, it still should be said that you’ll have to be extra careful when handling the tank during cleaning time.


Vapor Quality

The iJust X kit comes with two coils bundled in the box, one EC 0.3ohm coil head, and one EC 0.5ohm coil head. The device features a unique design wherein the coils are slotted underneath the device.

Removing and replacing coils is toolless and easy. The device outputs at a fixed, moderate 50 watts which feels adequate for most scenarios although using the 0.5-ohm coil tends to produce weaker or muted flavor compared to the 0.3ohm cool head.

Airflow is also non-adjustable on this device so if you’re looking to create a wide open swooshy vape or a tightly restricted draw, you’ll have to be content with the airflow level being somewhere in the middle of these two: a slightly open, yet slightly restricted draw which is actually great for most vapers.

One of the surprising aspects of this device that blew me away when I first found about it is the whopping 7ml of eLiquid it can hold. Considering the iJust X’s small footprint it probably holds the most juice out of any device that comes close to its overall dimensions, and with the number of mods out there, that’s quite an achievement.

Refilling the device is relatively easy, and only requires unthreading the top cap off where you can pour eLiquid through the fill port.




The iJust X is quite limited in this regard as its only function is to vape at a fixed 50 watts.

It’s not really a surprise to see a lack of modern features such as temperature control or preheat functions built into the device, considering its size, although I sometimes wish there was at least support for variable wattage enabling us to fine-tune our vape, albeit at the most basic degree.

If you’re into building coils or considering trying your hand at it, the iJust x supports an EC rebuildable coil head which can be purchased separately.



With its massive 3,000 mAh battery, the E-Leaf iJust X is a great choice for all day vaping sessions, given its small pocketable frame that feels light in any pocket.

The micro USB port is conveniently located as well on the side making charging the device through a wall adapter or power bank a breeze.


While it might not supplant more advanced devices in terms of overall vapor and flavor production, the E-Leaf iJust X is a great option to use outside the house when bringing your triple 18650 300 watt behemoth becomes too much of a bother. It’s great looks combined with performance that faithfully delivers without faltering make it a must pick for new vapers looking for a great beginner mod, or even for seasoned veterans who are looking for the next new device to tickle their fancy and don’t know which mod they want to take to the grocery.

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