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Build Quality82%
Vapor Quality83%
79%Overall Score

For those who’ve checked out our review on the Eleaf iKuun 200 and liked the overall aesthetic and performance of the kit but are looking for something a bit more compact, look no more for the iKuun i80 is here. Powered by a 3000mAh internal LiPo battery and packing a similar design to its bigger brother, along with all the same functions and features, the iKuun i80 looks to be the ideal true blue beginners kit. Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Great flavor and vapor production

Product Cons

  • Plasticky Design



iKuun i80 Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

With total dimensions of 27mm * 36mm * 128mm and weighing in at 175.5 grams (Melo 4 included), it’s apparent that Eleaf didn’t pull any punches in designing their iteration of a portable workhorse. The iKuun i80 fires up to a maximum wattage of 80 watts, powered by an internal 3000mAh LiPo battery rechargeable via micro USB located at the front of the mod which allows for a maximum charging rate of 2 amps.

Holding the iKuun i80 in hand, it’s noticeably very light thanks to the intermingling design of both plastic and Zinc Alloy. While I find this to be a favorable decision overall on Eleaf’s part, I can’t help but think that the decision to use plastic for both the front and back panel might deter potential vapers who prefer a full metal construction away from this device.

The top of the iKuun i80 features the stainless steel spring loaded 510 connection which accommodates the MELO 4 tank. The tank threads in smoothly into the 510 all the way and sits flush on the top of the device. The iKuun can house atomizers up to 25mm in diameter which makes it an ideal mod for those who might prefer to use a different RDA or tank with the mod. The front plastic panel of the device is where you can find the display, firing bar, and the up/down wattage buttons.

The display is crisp and clear accurately showing the devices current wattage or temperature, the resistance of coil being used, and amps and voltage used when firing the device. Instead of the traditional firing button, the iKuun i80 employs the entire plastic facade of the mod as a firing bar which is remarkably tactile and clicky all the way through the front of the device, from the top to the bottom.


Vapor Quality

The Melo 4 is compatible with the EC2 series of coil heads manufactured by Eleaf which are known for their slightly open airflow which is great for direct lung hits. Flavor and vapor production is excellent with this pairing rivaling the performance of Kangertechs SSOOCC coil heads.

The tank features a maximum capacity of 4.5ml which is more than adequate when compared to other similarly sized sub-ohm tanks. Refilling the Melo 4 is very easy as it features a push to slide top cap which reveals the largely sized ports for refilling the tank with e-liquid. The tank also features dual fully adjustable airflow slots which lets you fine-tune the draw of the tank allowing you to create a tightly restricted draw or a wide swooshy airflow.

The kit comes with two EC2 coils, one 0.5 ohm coil and one 0.3 ohm coil that comes pre-installed. Both coil heads offered satisfying flavor and vapor production but I feel like that 0.3-ohm coil head wasn’t able to take full advantage of the maximum 80 watts of power offered by the iKuun i80. In this case, I recommend swapping it out for the 0.5 coil head to get a better vape at 80 watts. The tank also supports all 510 drip tips making it easy for you swap out the drip tip with your preferred design should you wish it.




The iKuun i80 sports the standard gamut of functions expected across the majority of regulated mods. Temperature control is possible with this device when using stainless steel, nickel, or titanium coil heads. TC feels accurate enough, although it might take some tweaking before finding the right setting which will give you your desired vaping experience. When dialed in just right, the mod knew exactly when to ramp the power down so to prevent the wick from burning when dry, preventing the dreaded dry hit.

Adjustable TCR modes are also available for configuration for those who want to get the utmost control of the device, while the iKuun i80 also supports a bypass mode which automatically sets the wattage depending on the resistance of the coil, making the mod function essentially as a mechanical mod.

Another positive note on the iKuun i80 is despite its small size, it accommodates atomizers up to 25mm in diameter which lets you use your own RDAs or tanks without any fear of overhang. The 80-watt power delivery also ensures that it can power a majority of coils or builds allowing for a varied and widely customizable vaping experience.



Given the iKuun i80’s small footprint, fitting it into pockets is a breeze, and its lightweight design doesn’t make it a burden when stored in your pockets or among your belongings. The 3000mAh internal LiPo battery is also quite robust, giving the mod enough power to last through an entire day of vaping unless you vape at full power 100% of the time.

The 2 amp quick charging supported by the micro USB port also ensures that there’s minimal downtime in between recharging.


The iKuun i80 is a lightweight and relatively tiny powerhouse that gives off a surprising amount of wattage despite its minuscule footprint. The 3000mAh battery ensures that you’ll rarely be wanting for more power, while also making it an accessible choice for beginners offering a battery already built-in the kit. The Melo 4 provides robust and bountiful flavor and vapor which makes it the perfect accompaniment to the device completing an overall highly satisfactory vaping kit.

If you are looking for something more portable and discreet be sure to check out the Vaporesso Aurora and if you are looking for one with a bit more power check out the SMOK GX2/4.

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