Ecapple iV-1 Vaporizer Review - Poison iV
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality55%
Look & Feel60%
63%Overall Score

This model has been available since mid-2015 from Shenzhen Ecapple Technology, and the name is in reference to how this is supposedly a “intelligent” vaporizer. This intelligence includes different heating times for variable flavor (there are fast/medium/slow heating options available), as well as an adjustable vaporizing time (ranging from 3 to 9 minutes). We keep hoping these zany Chinese models will eventually knock it out of the park, but for now, we’ll just have to scope out the iV-1 and see how smart this intelligent vaporizer really is!

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Product Pros

  • Very small and compact-sized
  • Comes with spill-proof water bubbler
  • Adjustable session length

Product Cons

  • Narrow heating chamber
  • Harsh tokes with weak flavor

Ecapple iV-1 Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of this device is fairly rote, but there are some decent items to consider with the build of this unit: The iV-1 uses a removable lithium-ion battery, the outer case is made from a light metal-type material, and there’s also a decent LED screen measuring at 0.69”. The unit itself is measured at 98mm x 35mm x 28mm and weighs just 0.35kg, making it one of the smallest and lightest portable vaporizers available. The chamber is a decent size, holding possibly up to half a gram of finely ground material, or 0.3g if looser. The chamber is narrow though, so do exercise caution upon loading.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s one of the best built (though it’s held up in our pockets decently enough), but it shows at least a little bit of care and consideration went into the build. The heat-up time is also pretty fast; at under 30 seconds, you can get hitting off this guy in next to no time.


Vapor Quality

Despite the adjustable session length and heat-up time, the flavor profile from this vaporizer is fairly limited. Airflow is not particularly optimum, as there’s just one airflow hole and it is not adjustable.  To counteract this, however, the iV-1 comes with both a glass mouthpiece and a spill-proof glass water bubbler to help retain some flavor.

The temperature range goes from approximately 320°F to 439°F, but be warned: there may also be some plastic taste in the first few burns. Overall, you should be able to get some decent clouds, and the bubbler keeps things from scorching your throat, but otherwise the vapor quality is nothing beyond the course par. Those looking for more vapor flavor in a small package would be recommended to scope out the V2 Pro Series (either the simple Series 3 or the serious Series 7)

Ecapple iV-1 Vaporizer Heating Chamber

Look and Feel

This is a super tiny and discreet unit. Even when looking at photos and videos of the iV-1, you’ll probably be surprised when you see how small this unit is in-person. The top piece looks similar to a sub-ohm atomizer, while the body is more like a box mod.

Mouthpiece is close to the heating element but stays cool enough due to ceramic insulation ring which keeps the metal of the mouthpiece cool enough to not burn fingers while handling. The glass bubbler or “hydro-tube” as its named makes the device more cumbersome and fragile, although it does also improve the vapor quality to some degree.



As this unit looks a lot like most generic e-cigarette designs, it should be a fairly decent bet for discreetness.

If you’re only using the standard glass mouthpiece, then this will keep the iV-1 relatively low-key. If you opt for the water bubbler filter, then do not be surprised if people clue in to the fact you’re basically hitting out of a bong in public.


Ease of Use

The one-button control of the Ecapple iV-1 makes it a good bet for simple ease of use. It uses removeable 18650 battery with built-in charging port, and the LED screen includes a battery charge indicator. The heat-up time is quick, reaching vaping temp consistently within 30 seconds.

Watch out for the chamber screen though, which can fall out of the heating element when emptying. Also, incidentally enough, the screen can’t be properly removed from the element, so you’ll have to be extra diligent with cleaning.



The small size and decent battery life of the Ecapple iV-1 make it decent for portability. Charging time is less than 2 hours and should get you a few hours worth of fairly consistent use. The battery is replaceable as well, so you can get another charge of life from the iV-1 if you have another charging port for the 18650 battery.

However, the glass pieces make the iV-1 significantly less portable. Despite how spill-proof the bubbler is, it is still fragile and makes transit much more of a challenge.


Oerall, this is a small and savvy device for just getting started with herbs (and potentially with waxes if using the concentrate canister), but it’s not anything which can’t be accomplished by other versatile vaporizers like the V2 Pro Series 3 (or the even-better Series 7). It seems like with almost any positive element to this device, there’s something being sacrificed for it. We recommend using the glass bubbler to help take some of the edge off the harsh vapor, but then you can’t take it on the road as well. It can do herbs and waxes, but only really works for the former and not the latter. Best just to get a device which can accomplish your main aims and not try to be too much of a smart-aleck.

Have you tried the Ecapple IV-1 dry herb vaporizer yet? Let us know how it’s working for you in the comments below!



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2 Responses

  1. Rob

    Hi I’m wondering if you can assist me with a problem I have with my ecapple v1 I cannot seem to get any smoke clouds what so ever I am grinding my herb so it’s almost powder but nothing it’s not blocked as I’ve only had it a week I always set it to max temp and heating mode fast and 9 secs vaping time I hope you may have a solution

    • Dan C

      Hey Rob,
      I recommend ensuring the herbs are packed down in the chamber and that the chamber is pretty much filled. I usually put some herbs in, pack it down to a medium tightness, put more herbs in, pack again, and continue until its full. Usually loosely packed herbs are the biggest reason for lack of vapor. Hope this helps.


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