EVAK Glass Container Herb Storage Review
Build Quality76%
Look & Feel78%
77%Overall Score

Today we’re taking a look at one of the most important pieces of equipment that most smokers have: a storage container. Whether you use a vape, bubbler, or pipe, where you store your herb is an important aspect of your smoking experience, but what makes a good storage container? For starters, a storage container should be effective, that means it should keep your material fresh. It should also be discrete, in that it should contain smells. Finally it should be attractive, because if all you needed was effective discretion, you’d throw your herb into tupperware and consider the matter closed. Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s take a look at the EVAK glass container and see if it meets our standards.

Product Pros

  • Great seal, no smell
  • Easy to operate
  • Large capacity

Product Cons

  • Expensive
  • Thin Glass

EVAK Glass Herb Storage Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This is a good unit for keeping herbs fresh; no doubt much effort was put into designing the humidity-retaining build of the CVault.

The glass on the EVAK was thinner than I anticipated. A container is not often passed around or even opened by a lot of people, so I don’t expect you to find many opportunities to break the glass. Maintenance is a sneaky issue when it comes to accessories like containers. It is easy to forget that things like this are equipment just like your vapes and pipes.

As such, they are subject to a sizable amount of wear and tear and should be evaluated in a similar manner. One of the most intriguing things about this container is its closing mechanism. Every smoker is familiar with the experience of grinders and containers that gradually begin to stick over time, their connections thick and grimy with a sludge of pollen. Sure, EVAK’s closing mechanism enables the pressure-seal, but it also eliminates the hassle resulting from the collection of pollen within the threads of a twist-off top.

If you enjoy vaping your herbs you may want to check out a more appropriate alternative Zeus Temple Box, which actually works as a de-humidor to dry your herbs prior to vaporization. This allows for more consistent heating and stronger flavors.



The main thing I’m looking for in a container for my plant material is the capacity to maintain freshness. There are few things so irritating to those who keep large amounts of herb as the concept of weight loss. If you have not perfected your storage solution, possessing even modestly large amounts becomes a race against the clock as your material slowly loses mass, and thus value.

Excessively dry herb burns too hot, vapes too quickly, and provides for a general terrible experience. The EVAK can’t prevent weight loss, but it can certainly help. It also has the added benefit of preventing contamination from outside factors. The air within a modern home is often full of cleaning products, personal care aerosols and heavy fragrance.

A container like the EVAK ensures that you aren’t accidentally combusting and inhaling these products when they settle on your herb.  The containers come in various useful sizes starting at 6 oz and moving up to 16, 24, and finally all the way up to a 46 oz capacity.



Look and Feel

The quality of this container is readily apparent. The glass isn’t especially thick, but given the fact that this thing is unlikely to suffer many serious falls, I don’t feel that the thickness is a problem. The whole build feels incredibly sturdy. The container is very easy to close, and the seal is extraordinary.

I found the operation was far more intuitive than I expected. The device was easy to use, and I soon forgot that I was using a rather unique and innovative device. It functioned just as simply as my stopper-sealed jars. The most important visual aspect of this piece is that it elevates the material you put into it.

There is simply no reason to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on high quality water pipes, grinders, and accessories in order to sit your friends down and pull out a plastic bag full of herb. Many of us are guilty of this sort of thing. Let’s stop.



My main concern is in the functioning of the sealing mechanism, so that is what I tested the most thoroughly. I was surprised at the incredibly high level of smell reduction. The container is not small, and I expected some of the pungency to make its way through the seal, despite EVAK’s best efforts.

Upon blind testing, I was pleasantly surprised to find that no one was able to ascertain what was in the jars. This is ideal for those who buy their containers seeking privacy. With an effective seal, a transparent container which you keep on a shelf is far more secure than a poorly-sealed “sneak” container you attempt to conceal.



We’re all grown ups, so let’s get one thing clear: that hollow can of “soda” or “shaving cream” you bought at that novelty shop looks fake and it isn’t fooling anybody. Get rid of it. As adults, we should expect a storage container that keeps our material at the desired level of freshness. As paying customers, we have the right to insist that said container protect our privacy by containing smells. As connoisseurs of a legal product, we do not need to hide beautiful plant material in ugly plastic cans masquerading as consumer goods. The EVAK glass container meets all of these specifications and it looks exceptionally good while doing so. The EVAK is a great option for those smokers who are ready to demand a higher quality smoking experience.

For best results when vaping your herbs, it is recommended to actually use a de-humidor like the Zeus Temple Box along with EVAK Glass Container. This way, the herbs can be more easily heated, and the vapor becomes much more flavorful and effective.

As always, thanks for reading our review! If you have any thoughts regarding the EVAK Storage, do let us know in the comments below!

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