G-Spot - Rubber Stopper Review
81%Overall Score

Welcome to the G-Spot – Rubber Stopper review! Today we’re looking at a little accessory that seems like it is without purpose, but my god does it help when it comes time to clean your favorite glass pieces by keeping liquid from exiting your downstem. Let’s get into the G-Spot – Rubber Stopper review to see what this unit can do.

Product Pros

  1. It works
  2. It’s inexpensive

Product Cons

  1. There isn’t one that can fit both 18 mm and 14 mm joint sizes

G-Spot – Rubber Stopper Review: Breakdown



Dan seems to keep all the good review for himself, so here I am talking about the quality of a rubber stopper. It’s just a conical piece of red rubber, which is really hard to mess up. They didn’t mess up the one they sent us so it’s decent quality, but don’t expect it to seem like Jesus stuck his finger in your downstem to help you clean your bong.  



This is one place where there is a bit more to talk about. The plug does require a light bit of force to set a secure seal, but once you have that, it’s the perfect thing to get your bongs clean. You can fill your bong with cleaning solution and let it soak if you should happen to be like me and forget/not bother to clean your piece for a long time despite it being in regular use.


If you find that you have trouble getting your glass clean, this is a really great buy that will make your life a lot easier. I’ve used plenty of objects to plug the downstem of my bongs to clean them out, the most interesting being a carrot that I nibbled down to perfect size for the joint. The interesting part for me was that none of the baby carrots in in the bag fit on their own…regardless this can make your life easier for a really cheap price, so if you have glass that’s a bit difficult to clean, this is an awesome purchase!

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