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Build Quality85%
Smoke Quality80%
83%Overall Score

The Genius Pipe is billed as the ‘future of smoking’. While we typically focus on vaporizers here, we figured we’d take a look at this interesting little device because it claims to offer cooler smoke temperatures and an altogether better experience over traditional pipes. We’ll give it one thing right off the bat: this thing is definitely creative. But more important, does it actually work?

Product Pros

  1. Very durable
  2. Looks cool
  3. Easy to carry / portable

Product Cons

  1. Smoke not as cool as you would expect
  2. Pricey compared to alternatives


Genius Pipe Review: Breakdown

Build Quality

Build Quality

If you are looking for a durable pipe, you likely won’t find anything better than this. The entire thing is made out of hard anodized aluminum and is virtually indestructible. I’ve seen people hitting it with a hammer without causing any damage, and they were hitting it pretty hard too.

On top of being very durable, it’s also designed so that it is very easy to clean. You can take it apart to expose the interior pathway, and drop each piece into a cup of isopropyl alcohol for a soak.

Another part of the design that you might like is the fact that it’s flat. This makes it very easy to carry. You can also pre-pack it without worrying about spilling your herb, so this is a very portable pipe.


Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

Let’s get something straight. This is not a vaporizer, nor does it claim to be. You will 100% combust any herbs that you use in the Genius Pipe.

But they do claim that the pipe will deliver substantially cooler smoke than traditional pipes. In our experience, these claims are greatly exaggerated. This is supposed to work by creating “millions of micro vortices” that both cool and filter what you are inhaling. Except you can’t put your mouth on it. And you can’t draw normally, you have to draw very slowly.

And even then, you may not get the results you’re expecting.



If you really want a pipe and need it to be durable, this might be a good option.

If you are buying it for the cooler and cleaner smoke claims, we have to wonder, why not just buy a vaporizer? You’ll get a much better and consistent experience.

Even if you enjoy the act of ‘lighting’ a bowl with a flame, you can get a vape that requires a torch like the Lotus Vaporizer.

While you have to be careful about cheap dry herb ‘vaporizers’ and combustion, there are some units out there for less than $100 that perform admirably. This means you can get a vaporizer and spend less than you would on the Genius Pipe. At about $60, the Pulsar APX Dry Herb is a good example.

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5 Responses

  1. Chris C

    I have to regularly repair my genius pipe with a mallet & file. One drop on tile or concrete destroys the flush seal between top & bottom plates of the pipe. Iam routinely cleaning screens & exchanging screens in rotation in order to smoke on demand in accordance with my mobile lifestyle. I feel this pipe is a novelty & is best suited for occasional smokers (weekend warriors) as opposed to daily users.

    • George

      Stop dropping it on the floorthen. I use it everyday never had a problem because i know how to hold something in my hands without dropping it on to the floor. I’ve had the pipe for 2 years it’s still works like it did when I bought it.

  2. Warren Bobrow

    I wanted to like the Genius Pipe. I really did. I’m using it right now as a matter of fact. It does what it is supposed to do- true you must be really careful how you hit this pipe- too much intake and the stars will be gliding your way- and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Patience ! take human hits. slow, relaxed. I clean mine in iso overnight and use hot water to thoroughly clean. never had to replace the screen.. yet. it’s not worth the money, but it does look really nice- so then it is worth the money.

  3. Sophi

    I wanted to love it but I don’t. I don’t think the genius pipe was made for regular users, mine has to be cleaned every couple days. It’s extremely inconvenient for a lazy stoner that just wants to relax! Although it’s a neat concept I don’t think it’s any better than my cheap $10 piece. In fact, I am still using my cheap $10 piece because I don’t have to clean it as often! Take my advice and don’t waste your money.


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