Grav Helix Bubbler Review - Tornado Warning
Build Quality96%
Smoke Quality97%
Look and Feel90%
Ease of Maintenace89%
93%Overall Score

Hello, and welcome to our review of the Helix by Grav Labs. Thanks for taking a moment to see what this little beauty has to offer. As a big city dweller with a tiny apartment, bubblers hold a special place in my heart. The ease of use among groups is hard to beat. This particular piece is the brainchild of the alchemists over at Grav Labs. If you’ve never owned a Helix, stop reading, and just buy it. All smokers need a Helix. For the rest of you, read on and see why this little wonder is a perfect addition to any collection of glass.

Product Pros

  1. Bubbler designed to sit upright
  2. X-Cut downstem leads to a full cloud
  3. The famous Helix Spiral

Product Cons

  1. Filling to the right level requires a bit of precision



Helix 32mm Bubbler Review: Breakdown



Build Quality

Build Quality

Bubblers come in various configurations, and most smokers know that they aren’t always built to stand upright. That’s just fine if you’re passing a piece around a crowd, but if you’re just taking a few tokes by yourself, that design oversight can quickly lead to broken glass.

Not here. The stand on this bubbler is more solid than it looks, and requires no finagling. The downstem is one solid piece instead of a thin piece of joined glass like you’ll find on many comparable pieces.

This eliminates a common point of failure and allows you to clean without worry. The piece is weighted such that it almost balances itself when you set it down. Combine that with the rather solid 4 mm glass and the result is a bubbler that will last for years.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

It’s a Helix. If you don’t understand the weight of that statement, just make the purchase and thank me later. Grav Labs has made the Helix an industry standard that’s hard to beat. The X-cut downstem makes this piece insanely easy to draw.

This could actually be seen as a downside to many inexperienced smokers. Quite frankly, there are no small hits on this piece. You don’t buy a Helix for small hits.

You buy a Helix for massive plumes of smoke that spiral into your lungs so incredibly fast that each hit seems like it must be the largest you’ve ever taken. This piece delivers that in spades. If you’ve never owned a Helix, you should add this to your cart. Period.




Look and Feel

Grav Labs is known for crafting beautiful, utilitarian pieces, and this one is definitely no exception. The piece is the perfect size, and settles into your hand without the general awkwardness that often comes with short stemmed bubbler.

Unlike many, this bubbler can be held at various angles without compromising cloud size or draw strength.

The downstem extends deep into the piece, meaning it requires very little water to operate. Any smoker with sufficient bubbler experience will tell you that filling them up is the hardest part. A low water requirement is truly a perk. The pegs which hold it upright are solid.

They’re molded to sit flat against whatever surface you set it on. While you don’t necessarily want to set this piece down on something with a lot of give (a bed or a couch for example) as long as you rest this piece on a solid surface, it’s not going anywhere.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

The best thing about these pieces is that they’re composed of mostly empty space. This makes them both resistant to dirt and grime, as well as incredibly easy to clean. The X-cut downstem means that even the most difficult portion to clean should be relatively short work.

This is good, because clear glass requires regular cleaning and maintenance if you don’t want to spend your smoke sesh starting at the dirt and grime attached to your piece. Bubblers with fixed downstems can be a little difficult to clean, and this is no different.

Even a low water level piece is still going to need a regular scrub down in places. Still, the wide bore and sleek design make me confident that cleaning this piece won’t be much of a chore.


This piece is yet another wonderful example of why Grav Labs has turned the Helix into a name known by everyone in the industry. Not only is the quality level truly insane, but the smoking experience is entirely unique. Sure, this piece is a bubbler, but Grav Labs has built Helix into something more than that.

These pieces create a smoking experience that doesn’t exist anywhere else. There is no such thing as a bubbler that spins smoke the way a Grav Helix does. If you’re in the market for a bubbler, stop looking. This is it. I am truly blown away by the quality level of this piece. Grav Labs has made a loyal fan out of me, and I can’t recommend this bubbler enough.

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