GRAV Jane West Beaker Review
Build Quality90%
Smoke Quality80%
Look and Feel95%
Ease of Maintenance80%
86%Overall Score

Thanks for checking out the Grav Jane West Beaker review! This beauty comes to us from the talented craftspeople at Grav Labs and is a collaboration with Jane West herself. Just like the herbal enthusiast Jane West,  this 10-inch beaker has a modern flair with stylistic details you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. The fixed downstem has incredible diffusion and a 14 mm joint ensures you have the ability to accessorize at will. Read on to see why the value of this piece is hard to beat.

Product Pros

  1. High quality, well-weighted glass
  2. Perfect size for sharing or solo use
  3. Easy to clean

Product Cons

  1. Darkly colored glass can make it difficult to judge the size of a hit



Grav Jane West Beaker Bong Review: Breakdown



Build Quality

Build Quality

Those experienced with smaller beaker bottoms know that the way the piece is weighted is extremely important. This particular beaker bottom is beautifully weighted. Instead of weighing the piece evenly, the artist has chosen to structure the weight of it for ease of use and handling.

The base is the thickest portion of the glass, and this weight adds a heft that makes the pipe comfortable to hold and pass. This weight also ensures there is no uncomfortable shifting should you choose to hit this water pipe while it sits in your lap. When properly filled, I am totally comfortable leaving this piece out on a table or desk, even with a little shake, it’s not going anywhere.

The only downside is the fixed downstem. Whether you’re looking to accessorize or clean, the fixed downstem can be a bit of a problem.


Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

Typically, I only recommend colored glass to smokers with a lot of water pipe experience. Colored glass can cause a smoker to over-milk a bowl without realizing it.However, this piece has a lot of positive qualities that make me second guess this advice. This pipe has a diffused downstem, this means that the required draw strength is actually a little harder than one would experience from the standard downstem.This counteracts the danger of colored glass and makes this a very usable piece that could easily be passed around a mixed crowd. This waterpipe also has a perfectly sized ice catcher, along with a fluted mouthpiece. This means that you can pack the tube full of ice without freezing your lips or getting a mouth full of water.



Look and Feel

There’s no escaping the fact that this is a beautiful water pipe. Everything about this piece is deceptively simplistic. The fluted bottom is not just for looks, the additional volume at the sides of the beaker leads to additional smoke volume and bigger clouds. The matching downstem hits the water at precisely the right angle for maximum milking of even the smallest bowls.

I love the design of the neck of this beaker, it is slimmer and sleaker than most necks until it bevels out as it reaches the base. The bevel  is located exactly at the piece’s center of mass and indents the tube slightly, creating a natural handle. The tube settles into your hand and feels impossible to drop. The gorgeous mouth piece seems like the modern cap to a beautiful, sculptural water pipe.

This mouthpiece does double duty; it keeps the ice from piling into the smoker’s mouth and keeps even the most violent bubblings of pipe water at bay.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

No one likes to stare at dirty pipe water or darkened residue. Worse still is the agony of struggling to clean a complicated smoking apparatus.  This gorgeous glass does double-duty and keeps the pipe looking clean far longer than your typical mid-sized piece.

Instead of daily cleanings, this piece can be cleaned once per week or even less frequently. Infrequent cleanings don’t mean that this piece is going to require a tedious scrub down when you clean it. This piece could be easily cleaned with a chemical product or even a simple solution of alcohol and salt.

The angle of the downstem and the width of the base combine to produce a water pipe which only collects dirt in a small zone within the base instead of up the tube like many other similarly sized pieces. This is a low-maintenance piece that is unlikely to cause you any problems. Keeping it clean will require a modest effort at most.


The Grav Jane West Beaker is an incredibly great piece for the money. As we expected with name like Jane West attached to this water pipe, the quality level is incredible. The weight, design, and thickness of the build are all reminiscent of pieces with much higher price tags. The glass-on-glass fittings are high quality. Not only did they resist sticking, they moved smoothly every single time.

This is the sort of water pipe you can be proud to display, use alone, or bring out during a party. It’s well-made, and perfect for passing to friends. The pipe is gorgeous enough to leave out on a bookshelf or table, and sturdy enough that it won’t worry you to do so.

This piece gets two thumbs up from us here at Vapsterdam. The bang for your buck on this water pipe is astronomical. This is the kind of value that you’re always hoping for when you invest in a piece, and this beautiful beaker over delivers.

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    Dan, you are a good writer. It’s so refreshing to read an eloquent and thorough bong review. Do keep up the great work!

    • Dan C

      Honestly no, I have several pieces from DH Gate, but have never found anything similar. To be honest, while the price on DH Gate is nice, from my experience most of the items I have received have had slight defects, being it odd shapes, not properly cut percs, cracks, chips, etc. You ultimately pay for quality when it comes to your glass.


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