Head-Case Pop Tin Review
Build Quality 35%
Look and Feel45%
40%Overall Score

Welcome to the Head-Case Pop Tin review! This review takes a look at pop tins that are supposed to be a pretty cheap and easy storage solution with a bit of a design flare. These tins aren’t a perfect storage solution, but where and how exactly do they fail as a storage solution? Let’s get to the Head-Case Pop Tin review and find out!

Product Pros

  1. Looks kind of cool
  2. Inexpensive

Product Cons

  1. Poor capacity
  2. Not very discreet
  3. Poor quality overall





Head-Case Pop Tin Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

These tins are pretty poor quality. They’re made of a pretty flimsy aluminum that when bent out of shape (which is easy to do) makes it useless as they won’t close properly. They aren’t very good looking though the design does improve that a bit, they still lack in build quality.



These storage containers are not discreet at all. They aren’t smell-proof and the designs cause them to stick out like a sore thumb. This is a huge problem for anyone who’s looking to keep the contents of the container private.

Head-Case Pop Tin Review - Banana


Look and Feel

The designs on the outside of these tins isn’t exactly the worst, but they don’t look very classy. The designs also don’t help the tins look any less cheap than they do. They feel like something you might pick up on a shelf at the checkout isle in the grocery store. If that’s what you’re looking for, that’s fine, but they don’t feel very classy or reliable.



These pop tins only seem to come in one size, and that size can’t really hold much more than 1 g of herb at a time, and not comfortably. To make matters worse, the contents won’t really be protected from the elements much in the tin as the tins aren’t well sealed.


The truth about these tins is that although you might be able to get away with using these for a short time, they aren’t exactly the best long term solution as far as storage is concerned. They have poor build quality, poor capacity, no discretion and very little visual appeal. There’s no reason to rush out and go grab one anytime soon.

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