Hisi Hexagon 50 x 5mm--15 inch Beaker Review
Build Quality95%
Smoke Quality89%
Look & Feel84%
Ease of Maintenance87%
89%Overall Score

Hello again! Thanks for joining me for another in-depth review of high quality glass! This piece comes to us courtesy of HiSi. This company is known for their scientific style and incredible longevity. There glass is clear, utilitarian, and a particular favorite of yours truly. I was extremely excited to hear we were working with them, and I can’t wait to give you a breakdown of this piece. The Hisi Hexagon 50 x 5mm–15 inch beaker is an entry level HiSi water pipe, it may be small, but it’s a great intro to what HiSi has to offer. Enough of the small talk, let’s test some glass!

Product Pros

  1. Super thick glass
  2. Incredibly sturdy
  3. Best Bowls in the business

Product Cons

  1. Glass on glass connections guaranteed to stick eventually
  2. Bowls are quite fragile
  3. Tube is quite short


HiSi Hexagon 15-Inch Beaker Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This piece of glass is a structural wonder. I quite literally challenge any of you to break it. Short of dropping it out your window, or throwing it from your car, you’re going to find my challenge totally impossible. The base resists tipping unlike anything else.

It’s incredibly heavy, especially when filled. That’s not to say that it won’t tip. I have accidentally kicked this water pipe over several times. Wooden floors, concrete balconies, pool tiles. No cracks. No breakage. No worries. This hardy piece comes with HiSi’s infamous perforated bowls. Let me just say: these are the best bowls in the industry.

I put them all all my pieces, whether they’re HiSi or not. Unfortunately, they’re incredibly delicate and if you ever clean them (and you should) you’re going to break them. I’ve bought more of these bowls than I could possibly count, I’ve broken plenty, and I keep buying. They’re the best.

Another unfortunate thing is that the down stem is definitely going to get stuck. It might not be today or tomorrow, but something about the way they frost their glass has always caused problems. If you have the presence of mind to break down your water pipe after every session, you’ll be just fine. If you’re as bad about that as I am, just accept the inevitable: eventually your removable downstem will be a fixed one.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

HiSi pieces (especifically their bowls) deliver a smoke quality that is truly hard to beat. The perforated bowls draw incredible amounts of smoke down into the perforated downstem. The cloud size and filtration is better than what I’ve attained on pieces with three times the price tag.The ice pinches are thick triangles pressed into the molten glass while it was still hot. They form a perfect catch, meaning you’ll never have even a single icecube drop into the base.

With ice in the tube, this water pipe is guaranteed to give you one of the best tokes for your money. Strangely, the only flaw in this piece is the tube.

Quite frankly, it’s too short. You can only fill it ⅔ full if you want to avoid a mouthful of ice when you draw.



Look and Feel

This heavy-bottomed water pipe is a dream to hold, hit, and pass. The weight and shape ensure it fits comfortably in your lap, with no shifting or sliding to speak of.

The tube is an ideal width and shape to allow for easy passing with no slipping concerns.

I adore the styling of HiSi pieces. Everything they do looks like a high quality piece of lab equipment. The glass is always clear, enabling for precision sized hits.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

This piece is a little more trouble than you’d expect from a piece this size. The downstem is likely to stick, which presents you with all the troubles commonly associated with a fixed downstem piece.

While the perforated downstem and bowl are an amazing smoking experience, they’re a hassle to clean and incredibly easy to break.

If you’re a more patient person than myself, you can avoid all the trouble I’ve had by simply soaking these pieces in alcohol.

Do not use cotton swabs soaked in solvent. Resist the urge to bring salt into this process. Just let them sit, and you’ll be fine (until you pack the bowl too tightly, causing it to break.)


I adore this hardy little water pipe. No matter what I do it, this thing just refuses to quit. Sure, the downstem sticks, and the bowls are delicate, but the delicacy is a feature, not a bug. Like Arabian horses and Tiffany glass, these accessories are yet more proof that some magnificent things require a lot of care to be enjoyed.

Rest assured, despite any difficulties you have with this water pipe, they will be worth it. You will have this water pipe for many years longer than you expect to, because it simply refuses to be broken. That’s a pretty excellent quality for a piece of glass to have.

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