HiSi Stemless Hex Geyser 7Inch Review
Build Quality85%
Smoke Quality83%
Look & Feel86%
Ease of Maintenance81%
84%Overall Score

Today we’re taking a look at the HiSi Stemless Hex Geyser. Those who’ve read my other reviews will note my particular passion for bubblers and pieces of that nature. The reason for this is simple: they can travel. Smoking is frequently a communal ritual, and a beautiful (and solid!) piece of glass is a tried and true way to meet fellow smokers at festivals and hostels all over the world. For those who prefer to stay close to home, a piece like this is still ideal for parties and gatherings. For this reason alone, I was really excited to try this piece. It looks sturdy and simple, two essential qualities in a piece we intend you share with a fairly open crowd.

Product Pros

  1. Perfectly sized
  2. Great looking
  3. Great for travel

Product Cons

  1. Slightly top heavy
  2. Thin glass


HiSi Stemless Hex Geyser 7 inch Bubbler Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This is a typical HiSi glass build. The quality level is stellar, and the design sense leaves little to be desired. The glass on glass fittings are all of smooth frosted glass.

They fit together perfectly and draw smoke into your lungs like iron to a magnet. The single piece build means that you can jostle this piece quite a bit without worrying that it will break.

This glass is exactly what you need in a bubbler of this sort. It requires no instructions to use, so you can pass it amongst a large crowd without worry. It’s a little poorly balanced, but it’s not awkward enough that anyone is going to drop it.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

One of the beautiful things about investing in HiSi glass is that you always know what you’re going to get. Whether you buy a giant water pipe or a smaller bubbler like this one, you’re getting incredibly crisp, cooled smoke.

This supper diffused piece makes huge hits the only option and chills smoke far more than you would expect from a piece so small. Those who are uninitiated into the wonderful intricacies of owning the Hisi drain bowl will have a lovely opportunity with this piece.

The drain bowl that comes with the piece creates bowls that seem to never end. This makes them perfect for passing around a large group of people, but can be moderately irritating from time to time. This is a top tier bubbler, more of a small water pipe than anything else.



Look and Feel

This piece is just the tiniest bit top heavy. It’s not so serious that it’s something I would worry about. It’s not the sort of thing that I would mention to someone before I passed it to them, but this is a review, and that sort of thing bears mentioning.

It caught my attention specifically because this isn’t the sort of thing you usually notice in HiSi products. This slimmed down version of their Traveler bubbler lacks some of the strength and stability of its predecessor.

That being said, it’s a beautiful piece. I love the scientific stylings of the glass they produce, and this is a really great interpretation of their hexagonal styling.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

This is a relatively easy piece to own. To start on a down note, the clear class means that you’re definitely going to need to clean this piece on a regular basis. This thing is going to start to look gross pretty fast, and regular cleanings are going to be the norm.

That being said, most of the issues you’re going to have with this piece can be resolved by soaking in alcohol, and finishing with an alcohol-salt scrub down. The small size of this particular water pipe means that with a little bit of work, you can easily get this piece completely clean.

As I’ve said before, HiSi drain bowls are incredible, but they’re going to break on you. Just accept this, and buy them, because they’re the best bowl on the market. I put HiSi drain bowls on every 14mm water pipe I own, because they’re just that good. Buy an extra when you’re making this purchase and save yourself some trouble later.

Also bear in mind that unless you are religious about breaking down this piece into its component parts each and every time that you finish using it, the parts are eventually going to stick.


TThis is a pretty great travel water pipe. Road trips. Picnics. This thing can be packed up in a makeshift case (more important than you would think) and taken anywhere you want to go. Strangely, the slightly top heavy design makes me feel that it’s actually designed to be passed around by people standing up, so it’s almost built to share.

That being the case, who are we to argue with the talented minds at HiSi? Pick up this bubbler, then call your friends and plan a BBQ.

If you are looking for a something a little smaller and more reliable be sure to check out the HiSi Hexagon Review.

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