HiSi Triple Geyser Perc 23 inch Beaker Review
Build Quality95%
Smoke Quality90%
Look & Feel80%
Ease of Maintenance70%
84%Overall Score

Hello! Welcome to our in depth review of the HiSi Triple geyser perc 23 inch beaker. This beast is yet another lathe crafted beauty from the geniuses at Hisi. As you’d expect, it’s all clean lines and a utilitarian construction. Joints are solid and reinforced along the edges, glass fittings are frosted for a solid seal. This water pipe is an intimidating piece with a pleasant dose of “wow” factor. It’s the kind of piece that people request you bring out specifically. Every smoker needs two or three show stoppers and this looks like a suitable contestant for that title.

Product Pros

  1. Smooth hits
  2. Super smoke
  3. Attractive, impressive design

Product Cons

  1. Difficult to clean
  2. Requires strong draw
  3. Hard to pass


HiSi Triple Geyser Perc, 23 inch Beaker Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Everything HiSi Glass makes is incredibly high quality. Even so, this piece is going to require a little more care than your hand pipes and bubblers.

The base of this piece is heavy, and the glass is thick, but I wouldn’t leave it sitting on a table unattended.

The percs are way more solid than you’d anticipate. Even though this piece is massive, I can’t really see a situation where it would be possible to damage these percs.

Everything is formed into one solid piece of glass, so you’re really going to avoid a lot of the problems you’d run into with a similarly designed but cheaper piece of glass.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

Any smoker worth his salt can look at this beast and know he’s in for an experience. This thing requires lungs like turbo jet engines.

You’ve got to gather a sizeable amount of lung power in order to draw smoke through these stacked chambers.

The view of the smoke bubbling up towards you is truly absurd. When the smoke hits your lungs it’s pleasantly cool, with a slow draw that allows you to consume the massive cloud that you’ve created.

The piece is exceptionally hard to clear, but that’s to be expected with a filtration piece this big. Expect two or three hits to clear it when fully milked, no matter how strong your lungs are.

HiSi Triple Geyser Beaker full view



Look and Feel

This piece looks more like a piece of scientific equipment than a water pipe. This is the area where Hisi really shines. Every feature is finely detailed.

This piece, like all of their glass is crafted for function above all else.This is definitely a show stopper.

The trouble with pieces of this stature is that you buy them to hit in groups, but man will it make you nervous to share this with a group.

This thing is solid, but it’s too heavy in a manner that simply can’t be avoided with large, complicated glass.

This makes it difficult to pass, a definite downside to a piece you’re unlikely to ever use alone.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Oh my god, cleaning this piece is a nightmare. It’s heavy and unwieldy, and dangerously too heavy. Shaking with salt and alcohol is out of the question.

It would be too easy to lose control of this thing while you cleaned it. This really sucks, because this pipe looks really gross when it’s dirty.

It’s not the sort of thing you can just let go. Scientific glass of this nature is designed to show off every detail of the glass. If you’re going to show this piece to friends (and you want to look like an adult who has their life together) your best bet is going to be foaming cleansers, or an industrial amount of alcohol.

Let’s be honest, you can’t possibly make a habit of using this thing by yourself everyday, and you’re not going to trust too many people to hit this piece. So does it really matter that it’s difficult to clean the piece you’re not going to use very much anyway? Somewhat, but not too much.

HiSi Triple Geyser Beaker Perculators


This is a stellar piece of glass, if you know what you’re getting into. This isn’t a care free price that you pass around a big party. This isn’t the water pipe you pull out when you meet your new roommates.

This is a piece for when you gather with close friends. While industrial in design and utilitarian in its form, the thing is touchy when it comes to balance, and for the price, it’s certainly not something I’d pull out for just anybody. Just anybody can hit your pipes and your bubblers and vaporizers.

You’re only going to pull this thing out for special occasions. Partially because it’s delicate, yes. But also partly because it’s an absolute nightmare to clean. This is a piece to pull out around people who matter. This is a piece for old friends, for family, and for friends who might as well be family. This is the kind of piece you pull out to treat the people who like you enough to be careful with it.

If you are looking for a something a little smaller and more reliable be sure to check out the HiSi Hexagon Review.

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