Honey Supply Barrel Perc Bong Review
Build Quality85%
Smoke Quality86%
Look & Feel78%
Ease of Maintenance83%
83%Overall Score

Hello, and welcome to another Vapsterdam review. Today we’re taking a look at a boutique brand that’s attracting quite a bit of attention lately. As with most of the boutique players in the market, Honey Supply is a relatively inexpensive brand that makes a small selection of rather unique pieces. The brand is characterized by dense styling, heavy branding, and a lot of gold details. There’s definitely a large market for water pipes of this style, so a brand has to be pretty impressive for me to be willing to recommend it over other glass at a similar price point. Let’s take some time to review the Honey Supply Barrel Perc and see how it stacks up against its sizable competition.

Product Pros

  1. Ideal for groups
  2. Highly portable
  3. Solid construction

Product Cons

  1. Flashy branding
  2. Difficult to clean


Honey Supply Barrel Perc Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This piece is relatively short and squat, both qualities I can appreciate in a piece of glass like this. This sturdy piece pleased me with its solid joints and thick glass. The water pipe was actually smaller than I expected, so size queens will be sorely disappointed. The bowl is a perplexing 18.8 mm, meaning that if you break this bowl, you’re likely to have to special order another.

That being said, the bowl that comes with the piece is a high-quality drain bowl that you’re going to enjoy using. The fittings are glass on glass, which means you’ll enjoy both a tight seal and  an easy draw. The logo is applied paint, not a sticker, so you shouldn’t have any issues of peeling or discoloration.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

This piece packs a lot of punch into its tiny body. The drain bowl burns perfectly even. This means no scorched bowls, and no seemingly green bowls which still taste strangely of ash. The diffusion slits are small and abundant. A small draw quickly fills the chamber with tendrils of smoke. The piece is extremely well designed.

Not only is the downstem positioned for optimum water usage, the chamber is perfectly sized to allow the average smoker to take massive hits without leaving any smoke to stale in an oversized chamber. The ice pinch is built into the tube and doubles as a highly effective splash guard. This single feature is the most redeeming aspect of the pint-sized piece.



Look and Feel

Small, flashy pieces are often cheaply made. This piece (though quite reasonably priced) is far from cheaply made. The glass is thicker than you’d expect to find with a piece so small. The base is solid and heavy, ensuring that this is a piece which can be filled and left out.

The downstem extends deep into the chamber, this ensures that the piece can be hit from a variety of angles, and that there is no need to place it on a table or counter for use. The water pipe is solidly build with several handholds to aid in passing, holding, and loading. The branding, (while quite extensive) doesn’t have the cheap, slickness of a hastily applied sticker.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning this piece is an absolute nightmare. I can honestly say that I have never experienced a more complicated, nerve-wracking, miserable cleaning experience. For starters, this piece requires extensive maintenance in that it must always be disassembled.

You must pick a spot where this piece goes, and it must be broken down and carefully placed there after every use. If you do not do this, you are going to break this glass. In addition to the constant babysitting, it requires a (seemingly) unworkable amount of labor in order to keep it at the level of clean that I insist my pieces stay at.


The Honey Supply Barrel Perc is in a crowded sector of the market. While many of their pieces are unique designs, the Barrel Perc is pretty standard. In fact, there is an endless supply of small glass companies making water pipes with features fairly similar to those of the Barrel Perc.Many of them feature more unique styling and less intrusive branding. As far as quality goes, this piece is solidly above average. The glass is thick, the joints are solid.

Unfortunately, the joint is also the peculiarly specific size of 18.8 mm, and the branding is rather overwhelming for a boutique brand which lacks a loyal following and any significant name recognition. Where this piece stands out ahead of the pack is price. There’s no avoiding the fact that this thing is priced to move, so take note if you’re price conscious.

Pieces of similar quality from well known brands often retail for twice the sticker price of the Barrel Perc. That’s a solid reason to get over an oversized logo and make a purchase. If you are looking for something similar from one of the big brands check out the Jane West Beaker or HiSi Hexagon Review.

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