Innokin MVP4 Review - You Da Real MVP
Build Quality83%
Vapor Quality86%
81%Overall Score

Fans of the Innokin MVP series have good reason to celebrate the release of their most recent reiteration of the MVP line, the Innokin MVP4. Featuring a solid zinc alloy construction which essentially turns each and every one of their devices into durable, long-lasting workhorses, Innokin has cemented their place among the multitude of manufacturers out there known for quality, well-built mods.

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Product Pros

  • High Quality Construction
  • Large Internal Battery
  • Reverse Charging

Product Cons

  • Shallow 510 Pin


Innokin MVP4 Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Fresh out of the box, everything about this kit reeks of high-quality construction, from the powdery smooth satin-like finish on the body of the MVP4 to the extremely well-machined threads on the Scion tank. Sporting dimensions measuring to 93mm*46mm*23mm, it’s fair to say the MVP4 falls into the mid-sized mod category, but thanks to its slim form factor, is still comfortable to hold in hand for extended periods of time.

The top and bottom of the mod are comprised of black plastic panels that contrast nicely with any of the available colors the MVP4 comes in. It is a glossy type of plastic though, so those averse to seeing their fingerprints smudging up the top and bottom of this device should take note of this.

The top also houses the stainless steel 510 connection holding the gold plated spring loaded 510 pin. This is where things get problematic. Although the machining of the 510 connection is top notch, Innokin, for some reason chose to make the connection quite shallow. The included Scion Tank while making a perfect connection with the mod, doesn’t sit flush with the top of the device, leaving a tiny gap estimated to about half a millimeter. While this is only noticeable under careful scrutiny, the issue becomes more apparent when trying to use atomizers with longer 510 pins on the MVP4.

I tried screwing on a Vaporesso Gemini which is known for its protruding 510 pin and there was a very noticeable gap between the tank and the mod: almost 2 millimeters! This is the biggest and only drawback to the MVP4. Although it doesn’t actually affect the actual functionality of the overall kit, those particular about aesthetics might shy away due to this reason. But for those who are willing to look past this issue, 510 heatsinks or spacers are easily available for purchase online for cheap which help to completely eliminate that dreaded gap.

The back end of the MVP4 features a full-sized USB port which is used for reverse charging or essentially turning your vaping device into a power bank. Seeing how the internal Lithium Polymer battery packs a nice 4500mAh of power, it feels like a logical decision on Innokin’s part to implement this feature.

The front of the mod features a bright informative LED screen which shows you everything you need to know about your mod, a tactile and responsive firing button which also lights up to indicate remaining battery life, up and down buttons used for changing settings, and a micro USB port which is used for charging the device up to a maximum of 2 amps.

Moving onto the included sub-ohm tank, the Scion is beautifully constructed, with a 24.5mm diameter at the base which tapers down to 24mm moving towards the top of the tank. The machining on the tank is very smooth. No rough edges on any of the threads so everything screws on smoothly and easily.


Vapor Quality

Featuring the Aethon chip, the MVP4 is one of the fastest firing devices available, having comparable performance to the more expensive DNA mods. It fires up to 100 watts which is more than adequate for the majority of vapers.

The included Scion sub-ohm tank features a dual slot fully adjustable airflow and comes with a Delrin drip tip which screws off the top revealing large portholes for filling the tank up.

A minor complaint is the threads that the top cap uses to screw onto the tank are constructed from plastic where stainless steel is considered the norm. Although I don’t foresee the plastic threads stripping anytime in the near or far future, it is something to take note of.

The tank holds up to a maximum of 3.5 ml of e-liquid which is par for the course, but considering the overall size of the Scion, I assumed it could have held up to 4 or even 4.5ml of e-liquid.

A possible reason for the reduced e-liquid capacity is the well-designed coil heads which take up a large chunk of space and speaking of the coil heads, they are absolutely top-notch, offering an impressive amount of flavor and vapor density, as well as durability and longevity.

I wouldn’t be reaching if I said the quality of the coil heads used by the Scion far outstrip the coil heads used by Smok’s popular Baby Beast tanks.




The MVP4 comes with all the essential features to make it a competitive device even for advanced users. Packing a temperature control mode which feels deadly accurate and supporting all the standard temperature control coils such as nickel, stainless steel, and titanium. Adjustable TCR is also an option for those who feel that they need to fine-tune their vaping experience exactly to how they want it.

Also coming with a full-sized USB port that allows for reverse charging out of the box, the MVP4 lets users fully utilize the 4500mAh battery housed inside the device’s slim frame, making it a great option for travelers and users who are always on the go. The reverse charging is no slouch, allowing for a maximum reverse charging rate of 2 amps which rivals even the best dedicated power banks available on the market.



The excellent battery life of the MVP4 makes it a great option for extended trips and with the slim form factor of the device measuring out to 23mm in thickness, its definitely a mod that slips with utmost ease into most pockets.


The MVP4 is a competitive mod, with its sleek and well-built design that promises to last for a long time, and the solid vaping performance coming from the Aethon chip. Add to that the Scion tank that features flavor and vapor production surpassing the popular Baby Beast tank by Smok, and the large internal 4500mAh LiPo battery (no need to buy batteries separately), make it a great purchase for beginners and intermediate users alike.

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