Joyetech Cuboid Tap Vape Kit Review - Tap Dance
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality73%
68%Overall Score

Most of you might think that the market has no more room for another touch based mod; you could be right. But on the other hand here we have the Cuboid Tap & ProCore Aries kit by Joyetech trying to make waves amongst its numerous touch brethren. Unlike other touch screen mods which incorporate a resistive or capacitive touch screen to navigate menus and change settings, the Tap adopts a pressure sensitive system activated by gripping the device in hand. Although it may sound gimmicky at first, using this feature is surprisingly intuitive thanks to the haptic feedback the Tap provides.

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Product Pros

  • Gigantic and informative OLED display
  • Haptic feedback feels satisfying

Product Cons

  • Can be prone to misfires if stored improperly


Joyetech Cuboid Tap Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Upon looking at the available color options for the Cuboid Tap is where majority of users will be split into two camps. Joyetech offers the device in silver/wood, black/carbon fiber, red, yellow, and blue. While I cant say I’m a fan of the red, yellow, and blue, the silver and black variants are quite great to look at. Another advantage is the Taps paint job is protected by a durable and high gloss coating, protecting the paint job from everyday wear and tear and chipping.

The device feels solid and great to hold in hand. Although compact, the Tap sports one of the largest OLED screens I’ve experienced in any device. I consider it quite a feat that Joyetech was able to cram in all these features into such a compact and ergonomic mod.

Now lets not forget that this is a touch based device, how does this feature compare to others of the same kin? My simple answer is “not bad, not bad at all” The Taptec technology as Joyetech calls it, works surprisingly well and quite intuitive to use especially when compared with other touch mods.

The mod fires when gripping both sides and tapping the touch pad located above the screen. Holding the device this way is comfortable and does not feel finicky at all. Unfortunately this does not bode well for users who tend to forget to lock their devices before storing them in their bags or pockets.

The touch buttons are pressure sensitive and not capacitive which means they can potentially fire given the right amount of applied pressure on all sides of the device. Of course given proper handling of the mod is followed, we can disregard this as a con. The Tap also sports a satisfying clicky physical firing button and its great to see a manufacturer giving us options on how we want to use the mod.


Vapor Quality

Ah yes, the vapor. It would be all for nothing if Joyetech made a solid device like the Tap but paired with a lackluster tank. Fortunately that isnt the case with the bundled ProCore Aries. Vapor is dense and flavorful, especially when powered by the Taps dual 18650 configuration.

Joyetech hit it out of the park when designing the Aries, looking at the top fill mechanism of the tank it is one of the easiest units to open, fill up, and seal. It’s designed in such a way that opening the top cap can be done with hand which is a godsend compared to other tanks in the market.

The Aries supports prebuilt coil heads and is bundled with a 0.15ohm and a 0.4ohm coil head out of the box and are easy to replace. Both coil heads vape exceedingly well especially when comparing to the performance of other kit bundles.

Airflow is adjustable to suit every users needs from a restricted hit to a wide open configuration. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come with an rebuildable coil head, so those who prefer wrapping their own coils should take that into consideration.

Nevertheless, vaping on this tank has been more than satisfying, and I consider it to be one of the best bundled tanks to come in a kit in a long time.




I dont think any kind of vaper will feel left out when looking at the wide feature set of the Cuboid Tap. Want an intuitive touch interface? No problem. Want a physical fire button instead. It has that too. The device also supports the standard gamut of vaping modes from wattage, bypass/mechanical, and temperature control for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel.

Speaking of temperature control, advanced vapers will be happy to see that the Tap can store up to 3 different presets in its memory. This is great for saving different  adjustable TCR values for different coil heads or atomizers. Although if you’re a beginner you can totally ignore this feature and go straight to vaping on wattage mode.

Getting used to navigating the menus and exploring the features might be a new learning experience for most users. But I would be hard pressed to describe it as difficult or complicated thanks to detailed instructions listed on the included manual.



Although not as lightweight or compact as other dual 18650 mods, the Tap is definitely not considered heavy or large.

In fact it feels just right.  It fits perfectly in your hand, or even ones pockets.

Joyetech seems to have taken this into consideration when designing this device and managed to cram such a well featured vape into this solid frame.


To be 100% honest here, I never really was a fan of using touch screens on mods. But Joyetech is slowly redefining how touch technology is being used in our vapes, and upon experiencing their implementation manifested in the Cuboid Tap, one cant help but take a liking to this device.

If you want something that is solidly built, with a variety of design options, is a dual battery mod, ergonomic, and has a huge informative screen, This mod is a solid recommendation.

If you’ve been shying away from touch based mods, the Tap might be the one to change your mind and give it a try. If you end up not liking the touch capabilities, it still works via the physical firing button so you cant really lose there.

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