Kandypens Land Yacht Ceramic Water Pipe Review
Build Quality85%
Smoke Quality70%
Look & Feel75%
Ease of Maintenance87%
79%Overall Score

To say that the market is flooded with water pipes would be the understatement of the century. In a market so rich in options, it is reasonable for a toker with even the most modest of budgets to expect high quality glass at an affordable price. The Land Yacht Ceramic Water Pipe we’re looking at today is an interesting collaboration between Kandypens and Summerland Ceramics. While Kandypens are known for producing high quality wax pens like the Elite, Summerland Ceramics produces pipes and water pipes with a old school vibe. This combination is just too unexpected to ignore, and I knew I had to review it as soon as I heard about it.

Product Pros

  1. Easy to clean

Product Cons

  1. Overpriced
  2. No diffusion


Kandypens x Summerland The Land Yacht Review: Breakdown

Land Yacht Ceramic Bong


Build Quality

Build Quality

Build quality is one of the few redeeming factors of this piece of glass. It’s incredibly sturdy, and requires little to no operating knowledge. If you’ve never owned a water pipe, this is viable starting point.

Water pipes of this particular style are meant to be left out, so if you’re the sort to fill your water pipe every few days (this is a gross habit, which you should try to break) and let it sit, this is definitely right up your alley.

The glass is also incredibly thick, so while it looks a little delicate, this thing could definitely survive a fall. The base is heavily weighted and I had no concerns about balance while I was loading or passing this piece.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

In this modern era of highly designed machine glass, a retro water pipe isn’t necessarily a good thing. Not in my circle of friends. I loaded this piece in a group of friends, and they spent most of the session trying to figure out why we were using it in the first place.The tube has no ice pinch, so the smoke is hot and harsh. The downstem lacks diffusion, so hits chaffe the back of the throat in a manner rather similar to a pipe.

Which is basically what it is. If you’re going to go through the additional hassle involved in using a water pipe, you should expect a smoking experience of much higher quality.

Land Yacht Ceramic Water Pipe




Look and Feel

When I saw this waterpipe online, I was excited about the appearance. The Summerland website is full of longhaired models in retro clothes. They hit Summerland glass in fringed vests as they talk to friends on phones with cords.

Unfortunately the vintage vibe doesn’t translate as well without the Summerland photography team. In the modern environment of your average phone, this waterpipe feels outdated.

The lack of features ceases to be simple and charming and instead feels kind of cheap. In the stylized publicity photographs, the simplicity of the Land Yacht Ceramic Water Pipe seems cheeky and fun.

Once it’s in your hands, it just feels like inferior hardware.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

This pipe is super easy to clean because it consists of almost no components. Alcohol and salt will do the job easily, and you can clean it as often (or rarely) as you’d like. If you’re lazy, you could probably get away with never cleaning this thing at all.

This waterpipe is designed to be stored fully assembled, so it’s pretty fair to say that the level of maintenance required is basically zero. The only problem you’re going to have is, of course the silicone grommet.

I’ve had a lot of trouble with these twisting and warping. Luckily they’re dirt cheap and come in packs of hundreds. I’m not a fan of this piece, but I am happy to acknowledge that it is almost certainly the most low maintenance piece that we’ve ever reviewed.

Summerland Land Yacht Ceramic Bong


I see the artistic vision that Kandypens and Summerland were going for. The waterpipe market is positively drowning in modern, scientific glass. There aren’t a lot of large companies making strikingly different glass. 70’s style is all the rage right now. Why not incorporate a little disco fever into your glass and make something that stands out? I’ll tell you why not: because the bongs they were making in the 70’s sucked. When I hit a waterpipe, I want cool, diffused smoke. I want to be able to see the smoke so I know when to stop. I want the latest in smoking technology. I don’t see the allure in a vintage waterpipe. It was attractive on the website, but as soon as I unboxed it, I knew it was a mistake. The final nail in the coffin is the fact that this water pipe is absurdly overpriced. Save yourself some trouble and pass on this glass.

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