Kandypens Prism Review - Spectrum of Wax
Build Quality82%
Vapor Quality80%
Look & Feel81%
Ease of Use80%
80%Overall Score

The KandyPens Prism is a new wax pen released in 2017 for wax and oils. This Prism is the smaller of the two Prism models, the slightly larger version being called the Prism Plus. Both the Prism and Prism Plus are available for pretty cheap and are available in limited quantities. In this article we will touch on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and overall assessment of the KandyPens Prism vaporizer. KandyPens is one of the most well branded vape companies with advertisements in many music videos with popular artists.

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Product Pros

  • Compact size
  • Simple to use
  • 4 temperature settings

Product Cons

  • Weak battery



Kandypens Prism Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build of the KandyPens Prism is above average quality for devices in the same price range. The outer casing of the Prism is designed using medical safe grade electro plated stainless steel. The package for the Prism comes with two heating chambers, a fully ceramic one and a quartz and titanium one.

The battery that comes with the prism is below average and is actually one of the smaller ones that I have seen in a wax pen. The most common battery that comes in low end wax pens is the 650 mAh and the Prism uses a 320 mAh. The battery does however come with a lifetime warranty. For the low price of this unit it does have pretty good build quality.


Vapor Quality

The Prism produces pretty good vapor and when you factor in the price tag of under $100 it actually is pretty impressive. As we touched on in the build quality/components above the Prism comes with 2 different style heating chambers. The dual quartz with titanium coils delivers faster more dense vapor hits and the all ceramic chamber works well for flavor delivery.

The 2 medium temperatures were the ones that I preferred for the all ceramic chamber and the 2 higher of the 4 preset temperatures worked well with the quartz chamber. The highest was fine but I feel like it may have vaped my herb a little too quickly. So the 3rd preset temperature was my favorite with the quartz chamber. The 4 temperatures are as follows: 320°, 350°, 390°, 430°.



Look and Feel

The Prism is available in either black or white models. It’s a good weight and feels more durable than other devices in the same price range. The glass mouthpiece is something that I liked and is easy to keep clean as well.

But overall this is just another in a long growing line of wax pens put out by Kandypens.



The Prism is the smaller version of this model by KandyPens with the Prism Plus being a bit larger. The black model is obviously the more discreet of the two color options and the compact size is small enough to conceal with your hand or fit in most carry bags and pockets.

The prism having 4 preset temperatures is 4 more temperature options than you will find in most low priced wax pens. This functionality allows you to choose a lower temperature to lessen the amount of visible vapor. Setting the temperature lower however will take a longer time to produce any vapor, but the option to do a quick more vapor session or slower less vapor session is more versatility than other wax pens under the $100 mark.



Ease of Use

The Prism is a simple to device to get used to. To turn the Prism on you click down on the only button 5 times, and you can do the same to turn it off. The four pre set temperatures are displayed by their own color which is displayed around the button. The temperatures and colors are Yellow 320 °F, Green 350 °F, Red 390 °F, and Blue 430 °F.

As with any portable vaporizer it is recommended to fully charge your device before the first time you use it and to also have it run through a session on the highest temperature setting without any material in it. This process will burn away any unwanted materials left over from the manufacturing process and also remove any plastic taste from the vapor.

Both the Prism and the Prism Plus have pass through charging so they can be used when plugged in. When you load your essential oil into the vaporizer and you’re ready to use it you simply hold down the power button and it heats up instantly. You can than take slow draws and enjoy.



The Prism has a small less than average battery. It would have been nice to see at least a 650 mAh battery but it seems as if the 350mAh does pretty good anyways. The compact size and the carry case make this pen very portable and easy to bring around with you wherever you go.

The Prism is able to operate when charging thanks to its pass through charging capabilities. This means you can vape while it’s plugged in (no exactly portability feature, but something worth noting).


Overall I would say that the Prism is a solid affordable wax/oil pen that has above average build quality and delivers a good range of vapor versatility. The glass mouthpiece and 4 temperature settings with the 2 oven chambers makes it more than just a simple wax pen. The Prism plus is a bit larger and more powerful than the Prism original but costs a bit more.

If you are going to be vaping concentrates than I would say this is a great little wax device to purchase. Having said that there are a few other great pen options such as the Thunder 2.

If you are looking for a unit that will give you a rig like experience for waxes and water filtration for dry herb, we recommend checking out the Focusvape Tourist 2-in-1 vaporizer.

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