Lit Glass 14" Finger Grip Tube w/ LED's Review
Build Quality60%
Smoke Quality80%
Look & Feel80%
Ease of Maintenance80%
74%Overall Score

Welcome to the Lit Glass 14″ Finger Grip Tube w/ LED’s review! This bong is a simple tube with a few little surprises and twists thrown in to make for a more interesting smoking experience. Lit Glass tends to make good glass so this review should be a pleasurable to do!

Product Pros

  1. Easy to hold
  2. Really flashy (no pun intended)
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Finger grip can be used as an ice pinch

Product Cons

  1. Not made to handle a screen well
  2. Downstem has silicone
  3. Bowl has silicone ring





Lit Glass 14″ Finger Grip Tube w/ LED’s Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

For the most part, this bong is really well constructed. The finger grips are pretty big and well spaced so you shouldn’t be left feeling like you have no way to make use of them. The glass above the finger grip is also worked so that there is a bit of a lip to provide a bit more grip to the tube, something I value having broken my fair share of bowls, downstems and entire bongs. So many burials. It’s always sad to lose a soldier who’s provided nothing but valued service…either way, added ways to keep a good grip on a bong is always a plus in my books. The base is also pretty wide (about 5 1/2″) so it stands sturdily. I will say that the joint and bowl don’t have ground glass, but instead have silicone as seals to keep the air from coming through. It doesn’t alter the use of the bong much, but it is a bit disappointing that they didn’t keep the glass experience pure in all aspects of the bong.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

I’m not sure if it was done intentionally, but the finger grip can act as an ice pinch as well. This, as you might have expected, made me very happy because smoke is never smoother than when it’s cooled by ice. The downstem also has slits in it for some added diffusion, so the smoke can be really great. There was no drag when milking the bong but there is no screen for this bong so make sure you don’t grind your herb too fine or most of it will end up in the water.

Lit Glass 14" Finger Grip Tube w/ LED's  - close up of LED on


Look and Feel

I’ll save you the obvious pun and just say that Lit Glass did a great job with the look of this bong. The base, downstem, bowl and top of the tube all have a same dark blue that ties the whole thing together and make it look really cool. The grips make the bong look extra cool when smoking it as the smoke streams around the finger holes. The one downside is the silicone on the downstem and bowl which takes away from the overall look of the bong a bit but the bong is redeemed by it’s LED’s. Turning it on while it’s in use makes for a really cool light show while smoking and makes the bong really attractive to look at even while someone else takes rips.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

This bong is pretty much a straight tube with no real percolators, so cleaning is pretty easy. Again, I’m not sure if it was intended, but the downstem comes out of the bong so you can clean it and the bowl pretty easily as well. The rest of the bong can be easily cleaned with some iso and salt. Make sure you use something else for the downstem and bowl though otherwise you’ll destroy the silicone seals. This is a bit of a downer, but not a deal breaker in my opinion.


There are a lot of people out there who look for something flashy when they buy a bong, and this bong does a good job marrying the flash with function. The LED’s look really cool and the finger grips look cool too while still serving a purpose. It’s a cool bong with some  unintentionally great features and a worthy addition to just about any glass collection, especially for parties. It might not be a show stopper, but it’s a really fun side act!

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  1. Anonymous

    So how does the LED operate exactly? Is it on all the time or does it have a switch? can it be replaced if it burns out?

    • Dan C

      There is a switch on the bottom. You can turn the lights on and off. It also looks like you can replace the battery so you can keep the party going when the battery dies.


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