Magic Box Stash Box Review
Build Quality60%
Look and Feel50%
45%Overall Score

Welcome to the Magic Box Stash Box review! When Dan told me I’d be testing the Magic Box for a review, I was excited. Who wouldn’t be? Magic, dude! Magic! Who wouldn’t want to use the power of illusion to store and hide their herb? Nobody, that’s who. Boy, was I wrong. This box had other things in store for me that was wasn’t at all prepared for.  Shall we get into the Magic Box Stash Box review so you can find out what learned from this box?

Product Pros

  1. The box looks sort of nice

Product Cons

  1. There is literally nothing magic about this box
  2. It isn’t smell-proof
  3. It isn’t air tight
  4. It’s actually pretty easy to open



Magic Box Stash Box Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Let’s start out by evaluating what this box actually does: it’s a storage box with a “hidden” latch that can be activated by sliding a panel at the bottom of the box. That’s it. That’s the whole magic trick. No false bottom or complex puzzle or mirror-based illusion to dissuade those who might try to take what you put in the box, just a simple latch. This is no magic box, my friends, it’s a box of lies. The wood they used to make it is of alright quality but it isn’t anything special and the inside of the box is underwhelming.



This box isn’t air tight or smell-proof in the slightest and that isn’t the best when you’re trying to hide something smelly. The box itself doesn’t really look like anything spectacular or special, so it won’t stand out at first glance, but eventually someone is going to get their Toucan Sam on and follow their nose to your stashed herb. I can’t imagine any situation where that’s a good thing so this box fails pretty hard in this category. To make matters worse, it’s much easier to open than they say in everyonedoesit’s video on how to use the Magic box.



Look and Feel

This box looks sort of like a standard jewelry box. If you’re a girl, this box shouldn’t look to out of place on your dresser, but a guy might have a bit more trouble keeping this box out in the open. The box feels average quality but does have a bit of a nice design on the outside of the box.



The capacity of this box is at least half decent. You should be able to sore about 21 grams pretty comfortably in the box. The box only comes in one sizes, so you can’t upgrade or downgrade on that size, but the amount you can fit in the box is enough to satisfy most people.


To wrap this all up, I’d like to express my disappointment in this box of lies. It promised magic and delivered something less than a lazy parlor trick. It didn’t provide a discreet place to store herb, it didn’t provide spectacular build quality and it didn’t even really look that cool. This is one of those situations where you should just keep your money and put your herb in a shoe box if this box looks promising to you. It will do the same job, it won’t lie to you about magic and it’s free.

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