Magnum Critter Slider Review
Build Quality75%
Smoke Quality83%
Look & Feel72%
Ease of Maintenance90%
85%Overall Score

Welcome to the Magnum Critter Slider review! This glass pipe is a bit of an anomaly as it isn’t shaped like your standard pipe. This pipe can be loaded with your herb, smoked, and ashed as you burn your herb. As a result, it’s function sits somewhere between a rolled cigarette and a pipe. Were were excited to try this out so let’s get to the review to see how it did!

Product Pros

  1. Fun design
  2. Convenient functionality
  3. Easy to use
  4. Glass offers no extra flavor to the herb

Product Cons

  1. No filter or screen
  2. Hard to empty last bit after smoking



Magnum Critter Slider Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build of the slider is pretty average. It’s basically 2 glass tubes, one smaller than the other with a rubber seal that can be adjusted to suit how much you’ve loaded into the slider. The glass is good quality and the rubber seal gets the job done but doesn’t look especially high quality. We were expecting to see a bit higher quality from this product, but the metal piece that stops your tubes from falling apart separates from the smaller tube quite easily.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

The smoke quality was as you’d expect from a pipe except that you could keep a cherry lit in this like you would a hand rolled cigarette. This made the smoking experience really convenient. It also seems to do a good job of isolating the smoke, meaning you can blow it out a window and the room won’t stink from the smell of smoke as there is none escaping the slider. Also, because there are no papers or other materials involved that could alter the taste of your herb, the flavor is very true to your botanical and makes for a very pure experience!

Magnum Critter Slider



Look and Feel

Aside from the little glass adornments, the slider is pretty plain. The little skunk on ours is cute and suggestive, but there are also these little marbles squished onto the underside of the tip that don’t really add much to the pipe. They actually look a bit strange.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Glass is always a winner when it comes to this category. Glass is super easy to clean so you can just drop it into your favorite cleaning solution and take it out after a good night’s sleep to see a fresh and clean glass piece! We will say, however, that the unloading of the final bit of your herb from the chamber after you finish smoking is a pain. You’ll have to take apart the whole slider to get it out, and we’d prefer if you could just push it out the top.


The long and the short of it is that this slider is actually a neat little pipe. Sure the marbles look weird and sure, unloading the last bit of burnt herb is not so much fun, but the pipe works to spec. The smoke was either in my lungs or wherever I blew it out, but nowhere else. It contained the smoke and let me ash most of the burnt herb pretty easily. If you’re a smoker and don’t already have a slider, we here at vapesterdam highly suggest you pick one up!

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