Mobius Micro Matrix 2 Bubbler Review
Build Quality77%
Smoke Quality83%
Look & Feel80%
Ease of Maintenance76%
79%Overall Score

Hello, welcome to yet another vapersterdam review. Today’s piece is the Mobius Micro Matrix 2. Heavily diffused scientific bubblers have been a hallmark of legalization. Pieces that fall within this category are meant to have all of the positive characteristics one finds in a high quality tube waterpipe (like diffusion and water filtration) with none of the negative qualities. The problem with bubbers of this nature is that many companies hide an average blubber beneath their scientific design. It’s not uncommon to find yourself totally underwhelmed by a piece that only looks like a complicated piece of smoking technology. With all that in mind, let’s take a look

Product Pros

  1. Scientific styling is beautiful
  2. Sturdy

Product Cons

  1. 18 mm joint is common, but not the most common


Mobius Micro Matrix 2 Bubbler Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This piece is heavily diffused for a bubbler. This aspect of the glass is securely formed with in the center of the chamber. There is no visible join, and all aspects appear to be formed from an individual piece.

The glass on glass fitting is 18mm. This size isn’t exactly what you would consider uncommon, but it certainly isn’t the most common. If you break this bowl, odds are high that the other bowls you have in the house will not fit this piece. The glass on glass fittings leave no room for interpretation, they are solid. The pieces slide into place with absolutely no wobble, and they stay there, unaffected by any shifting or moving until you apply physical pressure and turn the bowl 90 degrees.

This is great for those who’ve had issues with low quality glass on glass fittings. For others, this will bring to mind images of bowls which eventually stick and friends with lungs full of smoke, struggling in vain to remove the bowl and clear the chamber. Your milage may vary, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you ran into issues.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

The smoke quality of this bubbler rivals most mid-range water pipes I’ve used. The level of diffusion is what I would expect. I was not terribly impressed, but the smoke produced was cool and easy to inhale.

The effects of the technology were readily apparent, and I am confident that the many diffusers within the piece are not simply for show. We  think Mobius glass has done an excellent job in this regard.

Mobius Matrix Micro 2 with bowl



Look and Feel

This piece is more solid than I anticipated. As you can tell from the image, it’s a pretty intelligently designed piece. No fragile aspects extending off the body foolishly, begging to be broken. The scientific aspect of the design is a big plus for me. Sure, it’s an object with a purpose, but it’s also an object designed to look purposeful.

This utilitarian design sense is inherent to the era that brought us glass of this type. The styling is deliberately purposeful without seeming stuffy or cold. This is not the sort of complex water pipe which requires constant care and attention. Instead, this is an attractive piece that one could easily leave sitting about the house filled and waiting for use. This is a huge upside for this piece, as no one would recommend you treat a similar water pipe so cavalierly.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

This piece is going to be a nightmare to clean no matter what you do. The more diffusion a piece has, the greater the struggle to clean it. This is due to the many slots, holes, and divots required to produce diffused smoke of any notable quality. This means plenty of places for sticky smoking debris to gather.

This charred debris tends to collect on the most fragile elements of our bubblers and waterpipes first. Any way, this is the sort of piece that looks awful when it’s dirty and must be regularly cleaned, so for better or worse, I determined to work out just how you could reasonably do so. I eventually came to the conclusion that an alcohol soak will do this piece good, but you’re going to have to leave it for days.

Salt scrubbing is another potentially valuable option, but make sure it’s table salt. If the grains are any bigger, you’re at risk of breaking something. Don’t smoke before you clean this piece. The process of cleaning this bubbler is tedious and yet extremely delicate.

Mobius Matrix Micro 2 diffuser


This piece is a pretty solid example of what a diffused bubbler should be. It is sturdy in ways that a tube-based water pipe can never be. It has a heavy base and sits solidly. This is an advantage over similar bubblers, as the upkeep requires very little babysitting. All in all, I’d say this piece sits solidly in the middle of other highly diffused bubblers. It’s a great piece, but the downsides for purchasers are real and apparent.

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